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About Us

Paspic, previously known as PhotoMagic, has a long and interesting history that spans over 20 years. Having been founded by current Managing Director Yehuda Hecht, PhotoMagic was bought by Photo-Me International which went on to create On-Line Agencies Ltd with the primary goal of connecting to the “Information Superhighway” – the system of businesscard kiosks operated by PhotoMe on the high street.

In 2000 a management buyout resulted in a change of direction for PhotoMe; the company name changed to Paspic, and the focus was no longer on connecting the photo booth kiosk to the internet, but transforming the photo booth to make it possible to create passport photos at home.

Since then, Paspic has gone from strength to strength as a result of the wide market the company addresses. Every individual needs ID photos for passports, baby's first passports, bus passes, club memberships, driving licenses, visas, students cards and much more. Paspic is delivering ID photographs for all these needs, and since the introduction of Biometric Passports the opportunities for Paspic PhotoMagic technology continue to grow and grow.

Our team

Yehuda Hecht – Founder and Managing Director

Yehuda is the co-inventor of the patented PhotoMagic technology which is used worldwide in almost all of the 20,000 digital photo booths around the globe. PhotoMagic was founded by Yehuda as a joint venture company with Photo-Me International Plc (PMI). All shares of PMI PhotoMagic were purchased by Photo-Me International in 1994.

John Guest FCA 

John has an impressive amount of experience in the finance industry, having spent 40 years as a senior partner at UHY Hacker Young Chartered Accountants. Since leaving UHY he has focused his energies on advising businesses on raising finances for future growth. During the course of his professional career he has advised many businesses of all sizes on corporate finance.