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We’ve had hundreds of happy customers who have used our online photobooth system to make passport photos which have passed the application process first time around. Customers have told us that they love the easy, affordable way we can provide quality passport photos without the expense or hassle of visiting a photo booth, particularly when it comes to getting baby’s first passport. We’ve also been lucky enough to get some special mentions in newspapers and magazines. Check out some of our testimonials at Paspic below, and if you’d like to share your experience of Paspic simply get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

First, let’s take a look at what the press have to say about our online passport photo service:


From The Mirror (10th August 2001):

Short of a photo for a membership card or a rail pass? Usually, you seek out a photo booth and wait an age for a strip of prints to emerge - and still look like a startled rabbit.

Well, here's a novel idea. With PasPic (, you simply upload a picture that does you justice and in return get six, passport-sized prints. If you don't have a suitable picture already on your computer, send in a print and PasPic takes care of the upload for you.

Do be sure to check the Passport Agency and DVLA's photograph requirements if you're renewing your passport or driving licence. PasPic provides links to the relevant pages.


From Revolution (19th September 2001):
-'s Yehuda Hecht explains to Amanda Nottage that with the help of his photocopying site, your favourite pic can be used again and again, by Amanda Nottage

For all the excitement that a prospective holiday generates in people, there is a moment that just about all travellers dread. Sure, some are nervous about the flight, others about the array of flying, biting, stinging creatures that might feast on them. But all will have to share with a uniformed official the stomach churning moment of shame that is the passport photo.

It gets worse. With the increase in photo IDs (train pass, driver's licence, staff security card) those cringeworthy moments multiply, with photographic evidence of your squinting, colourless visage increasingly intruding on your everyday life.

However, hopes to offer a solution. If you can secure one picture that you are happy with, in which you look young/slim/generously coiffed enough to be flashed to all and sundry, then will make you as many copies as you want. Forget those botox injections, this method of remaining 21 forever is much cheaper. enables users to register and send in their ID pictures or upload them digitally for free, so that they can buy as many copies as they need.

Yehuda Hecht, who runs the company, is taking all this very seriously, with trademarks and patent pending, and claims that his company's process could make the high street photo booth obsolete. As a previous backer of the business was Photo-Me, and considering that the photos need to be taken in the first place, it seems a grand statement to make, but Hecht is clearly ambitious.

"Every year around two-and-a-half million ID photos are taken in the world, and most of those in front of the camera are unhappy with them," he jokes. "Our service is unique because we print the invoice, the address and the photos all on the same sheet, which saves a lot of money, and it all fits through the letterbox."

The company's marketing will be based online, and is being handled by web site promotion firm However, professional photographers need not lock up their dark rooms just yet. They can upload photos to the site for customers and split the cash with Users will be charged £4, with £3.25 in royalties going to the photographer.

"There is going to be a fair amount of hard copies sent because people have photos they like and want to reproduce," says Hecht. "But in the long term, more and more people will have digital cameras." is now on the hunt for partners, and has initiated an affiliate programme offering a 10 per cent commission.

"If two students group together it would save them money," he explains.

"But it's not only for students. At the end of the day, such a photo is a commodity. Everyone needs a passport."

Here are some lovely reviews from some of our grateful customers:


Subject: Great site and service
Congratulations on a great service!

Happily I read about your site in the Guardian about two hours after a photo retailer wanted to charge me £10 to convert a Jpeg into two passport photos. I got my photos today and am very pleased. The idea for the site and photo format are excellent.

John D. Woods


Subject: Congratulations
I would just like to say WOW,
I have never liked the hassle of getting dressed up, trudging the streets looking for a working photo booth... With the introduction of photo driving licences I have put off applying for one... Why? Because of the photo booth phobia...

I heard about your site in Practical Internet, and tried your service... Happy happy happy...

Speed, security and quality all rolled into one. Truly amazing, the best purchase made over the internet.

Keep up the good work,
Norwich UK


Subject: Thankyou!
Just wanted to get in touch to say thanks for your really fast service. I needed to get my baby’s first passport application sent in and approved as soon as possible for a holiday we have planned, and I was worrying about whether her photo would be accepted. I’ve never taken a passport photo of a baby before and wasn’t sure what the criteria was, but your tutorial helped me to get the right picture and I loved being able to get it checked online to see if it was up to scratch. When I got my prints in just a couple of days I was so relieved to know that I could get the application sent in quickly, and I knew I didn’t have to worry so much about the photos being rejected. Her passport application was approved and I’ve managed to get the passport in plenty of time for the holiday! Would highly recommend your service to others and have already told lots of people about it – thank you!

Hull UK


Subject: great for getting visa photo
I used Paspic to get my US visa photos printed and couldn’t fault the service at all. Using the website was really easy and the price of the prints is amazing considering you get free delivery and know that they’ll be right the first time. Thanks, will definitely use again in future.

London UK


Subject: great quality prints
I wasn’t sure what to expect from Paspic in terms of print quality considering that the upload/validation service is free and the cost of the prints is reasonably cheap, but I was really impressed with the photos I received. I don’t really like photo booths so I decided to make passport photos online; it was a bit of a risk but I’m so glad I did it, I’m very pleased with Paspic’s service.

Coventry UK


Subject: third time using Paspic
I’ve used Paspic three times now, once for my own passport photos, once for my wife’s and once for my kids’, and I’ll always choose them over a normal photo booth. The kids were obviously very picky about which photo they wanted (they didn’t want an embarrassing one!) so I like being able to take as many photos as I want at home to get the right one but still get the validation that they’re suitable for the passport office. Brilliant service, will use again and again.
Sheffield UK