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How to take your photo?

Passport photo dimensions and requirements?

(Actually with Paspic all you need to to is take a photo with your face in the centre of the picture; we’ll take care of the rest!)

Passport photo dimensions and requirements for France

  • Size: 45mm x 35mm.
  • Colour: Colour only. No black and white.
  • Head size and position: Centerer and forward-facing.
  • Recency: Taken in the last 6 months.
  • Background: Light grey or light blue.
  • Smile: No
  • Eyes: Open and visible.
  • Glasses: Remove before photo.


Passport photo dimensions and requirements for Germany

  • Size: 35mm width and 45mm length.
  • Colour: In colour only to reflect natural skin tones.
  • Head size and position: 32mm to 36 mm
  • Recency: Not older than 6 months.
  • Background: Solid print and colour.
  • Smile: No smiling.
  • Eyes: Starring straight ahead and open.


Passport photo dimensions and requirements for Poland

  • Size: 3.5cm by 4.5cm.
  • Colour: colour only. No black and white.
  • Head size and position: centred with photo.
  • Recency: No older than six months.
  • Background: Light colour
  • Smile: Neutral expression only.
  • Eyes: Open and clearly visible.
  • Glasses: Prescription glasses are permitted so long as eyes can be seen.


Passport photo dimensions and requirements for Greece

  • Size of visa photo: 6 cm x 4 cm.
  • Colour: Must be colour photo.
  • Head size and position: Full face, looking straight into the camera.
  • Background: White.
  • Smile: Neutral.
  • Eyes: Open and clearly visible.
  • Glasses: You are allowed to use daily wearing glasses, no sunglasses though.
  • Headgear: None.


Passport photo dimensions and requirements for US

Your passport photo must be:

  • In colour, printed on matte or glossy photo quality paper; 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm) in size; Sized such that the head is between 1 inch and 1 3/8 inches (between 25 and 35 mm) from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head.
  • White background.


Passport photo dimensions and requirements for Australia

  • Two identical, good quality colour prints, less than six months old, produced using dye sublimation, not from an inkjet printer
  • No retouching of any kind (including removal of background, moles, wrinkles, or scars)
  • Clear, focused image with no marks or 'red eye'
  • Plain white or light grey background that contrasts with your face
  • Uniform lighting (no shadows or reflections), with appropriate brightness and contrast to show natural skin tone
  • Face centred and looking at the camera straight on; not tilted in any direction
  • Hair off your face, so that the edges of your face are visible
  • Eyes open, mouth closed
  • Neutral expression (not smiling, laughing, or frowning)
  • Photos must be 35mm to 40mm wide and 45mm to 50mm high. The size of the face from chin to crown can be up to a maximum of 36mm, with a minimum of 32mm. is the online solution for creating a high quality international and UK passport photograph, just like in a regular passport photo booth.

Upload your photos and have them checked with our validation system to ensure that they meet the important regulations outlined by your local passport agency.

Now with New BETA Digital Passport Photo service:
Once your hard copy passport photo will be posted to you, we will also provide you with a link to your digital passport photo. You will be able to click on that link to retrieve the digital files of your passport photos and save it to your photos on your phone or computer and use it to upload to your passport application.

4 x UK passport photos prints cost only £8.99 with free delivery, and will arrive in just two days. When you then submit your photos with your passport application, you can be confident that your pictures will be approved first time.


Here’s how it works:

- Upload your photo(s) to our system.
- Our automated system will check the suitability of your photo(s) under the latest passport office regulations and advise whether they meet the appropriate standards.
- Order your hard copies online for free delivery.
- Prints are manually checked by the Paspic team for even higher levels of quality control.
- We will post your prints within just 2 working days by First Class Mail.
- I the very rare case that your photo(s) are found to be biometrically incompliant by the passport authorities, we will refund your print purchase price or work with you to create a new, compliant photo at no extra cost.


What are the regulations on passport photos?

All new passport photos must include unique, measureable physical characteristics which enable facial recognition technology. This technology is known as biometrics, and the Paspic automated platform ensures that your photo is fully compliant with these new standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization.


99.5% accuracy with Paspic

When you upload your passport photo to, our system will analyse your picture and notify you if it fails to pass the high standards outlined by the passport office. This means that you don’t have to waste time or money sending your passport application with photos which may be rejected.

Our system is so accurate that 99.5% of all our passport photos are approved upon the first submission to your country’s passport office. If in the unlikely instance that your Paspic passport photos are rejected, we’ll give you your money back.


Compliant passport photos for the whole family

It can be tough enough to make passport photos for adults, but it’s even harder to take a baby passport photo or child passport photos and ensure that all the official regulations are met. At Paspic we want to do everything we can to ensure your photos are up to scratch, which is why we have a number of tutorials to help you get it right. Watch our video tutorials on how to take your photo and how to take baby’s first passport photo too.


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  • Vouchers can only be redeemed online and voucher codes must be entered at the time of purchase.