3 child-friendly travel destinations worth updating your children’s passport photos for

When selecting family-friendly vacation hot spots, it is tempting to choose locales that are close to home. Traveling with children is no simple task, and it is not always easy to figure out which holiday locations are actually accommodating to babies and children. The additional challenge of taking great passport photos for children persuades many parents to seek relaxation opportunities closer to home.

However, these outstanding child-friendly getaways make it worth your while to snag a new passport photo for your child. Make memories around the globe when you take your family’s passport photographs and hop on a plane to broaden your horizons.

1. Sydney, Australia

Home to the Sydney Opera House, you’ll find many great opportunities for your children to explore the land down under. The Opera House hosts many shows that cater to younger audiences, and understand how to appeal to this special demographic.

While you are there, check out the breathtaking beaches and marine life on the coast of Australia. Let your children have a great time in the sunshine—but bring plenty of sunscreen!

2. Tokyo, Japan

If your kids love anime and manga, they will clamor for a trip across the Pacific to the bustling city of Tokyo. Easily navigated by tourists thanks to a high English-speaking population, the city offers attractions for all ages.

Tokyo Disneyland may be a natural stop if your kids start feeling a bit homesick, as familiar faces will bring a smile to their faces. Be sure to pick up some stylish fashion featuring their favorite characters, which they can wear the next time you update their passport photos online.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Despite its adult reputation, Amsterdam is actually a great pick for kids. Young children can create grand science experiments at the Ondekhoek science center, while curious bookworms can check out the Anne Frank House, along with other famous literary locations.

If your kids grow weary of walking, take a cruise on the gondolas that traverse the city’s canals. With their second wind, they can climb and play on the wide variety of playgrounds that dot the historic city.

Go where your passport takes you

No matter what your destination, fresh kids’ passport photos will keep your family traveling smoothly. Spin the globe, point at a map, or search online for your next family adventure.

Photo: Amsterdam by Bert Kaufmann licensed under Creative commons 2

Baby’s perfect passport photo outfit

A baby’s passport does more than prove that a child is from a particular country and has the right to travel outside that country’s borders. A passport makes it possible for officials to confirm a baby’s identity and the rights of certain adults to travel with that baby. For this reason, it’s critical that the passport photo clearly identifies your baby in recognizable ways.

Which clothing options work best to allow you to get a high-quality photo for your baby’s passport?

Non-reflective materials

Reflective threads, glittery paint and gem or metal decorations can create a camera flare that makes your baby’s photo unusable. They can also add shadows to the photo that alter skin tone and make birthmarks less defined against the skin. Keep in mind, reflective materials include certain accessories, such as shiny barrettes, earrings and necklaces.

Solid colors

Patterns can create a “busy” photo that draws attention away from a baby’s unique features, such as identifying birthmarks. Additionally, certain bright-colored patterns, especially ones that feature orange, red and yellow colors, can make your baby’s skin tone in the photo inaccurate.

Darker shades

The background for a passport photo is typically white or grey. As a result, it’s best to choose a color that won’t blend into the background. If your baby’s skin isn’t extremely pale, you also need to pick a solid, darker shade that doesn’t cause your baby’s skin tone to appear too pale.

Open collar (optional)

Many babies have identifying marks like moles on the front of their necks and chests. Since the bottom of your baby’s passport photo cuts off below the shoulders, always make certain that the top portion of any outfit shows your child’s bare neck and upper chest. If your child has no discernible marks in these areas, then don’t worry.

Final considerations

The best baby passport photos show babies smiling and happy. Always pick comfortable clothing. Also, the outfit should be the same type and style you normally put on your baby. Lastly, a lot of parents like to take photos of babies wearing beanies or other styles of hats, especially with babies who aren’t yet a year old. Your baby’s head must remain uncovered for the photo.

For more information about this and other topics related to preparing passport photos for babies, contact our expert team at Paspic.com. We handle thousands of passport photo requests yearly and know the tricks for taking the best photos of adults and children.