Where Can I Get A Passport For My Baby?

Travelling with your baby today is impossible without a passport of their own. While it is relatively easy for you to take a passport photo of yourself or another adult, your baby’s passport photo can prove a little more challenging. Here is a list of places where you can get help.

Local Drugstore

You can get your baby’s passport photo in any of your local drugstores. Take your baby to the store and ask for a professional baby photographer. Normally the photographer will have your baby lie on a white sheet and ask you to stand next to him or her as she takes multiple shots of the baby. By standing there with them, you help in directing the baby’s attention and gaze towards the camera. That will also prevent the baby from falling asleep. The photographer will then check all the pictures and establish whether they meet the standards set by your country. The one that is most appropriate gets picked and printed for submitting during passport application.

Local Department Store

Department stores have multiple businesses running in the same building or area. If you visit your local store chances are high that you will find a good baby photographing agency that is well versed with the standard requirements and regulations for taking and printing your baby’s passport photos.

Online Passport Photos

You can now get your baby’s passport online with very little effort on your part. This is a simple alternative you should try, as it is accessible from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is take pictures of the baby and upload the ones in which the baby:

· is alone

· is looking at the camera

· is not smiling

· does not have toys

Once you upload the pictures to the website, they will be verified to ascertain whether they meet the regulations and requirements for the country you intend to use it in. Once the perfect photo has been identified, you can choose to have it printed and shipped to you.

The best alternative for getting your baby’s passport photo is online. Contact us at Paspic Limited for help on how you can get your pictures today.

Photo: baby B by jan_krutisch licensed under Creative commons 2

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