Does a child under 2 need a passport?

When traveling with children, it is very important to make sure they have the appropriate documentation before taking off on your adventures. You may be wondering if your child under two needs a passport or if you should get a baby passport photo taken. The answer is that yes, all children need a passport, even newborns and infants. You do not need a passport to travel domestically, but if you are traveling internationally, you will need a passport for your child.

There are a few exceptions to this rule. If you are traveling to Canada, you will not need a passport for children under 15. However, you will need to bring a copy of their birth certificate as proof of citizenship. This is also true for travel to US territories – you will not need a passport, but you do need a birth certificate or other proof of identity and citizenship. Having a passport for your child can make the process of traveling to US territories easier, because it can be used for these purposes.

You wouldn’t want to take your child’s photo at the same place you get your adult passport photos done, as the environment may be overwhelming for kids. Luckily, there are many places where you can get children’s passport photos taken. Many local businesses that offer passport photos, such as drugstores, have services specifically for taking passport photos for infants and toddlers. During these sessions, you can keep your child calm while the photographer takes pictures. Since not all businesses offer these services for toddlers and infants, it may be helpful to call in ahead of time and ask.

You can also get baby passport photos done online. With these services, you will take a picture of your child yourself according to the guidelines provided. You will then upload it to the site, and once it is approved, you can use it for your child’s passport when applying. This is very convenient for busy parents who are planning international travel. Before heading off on an international trip with a child under two, be sure to get their passport finalized so you can travel stress-free.

Where Can I Get A Passport For My Baby?

Travelling with your baby today is impossible without a passport of their own. While it is relatively easy for you to take a passport photo of yourself or another adult, your baby’s passport photo can prove a little more challenging. Here is a list of places where you can get help.

Local Drugstore

You can get your baby’s passport photo in any of your local drugstores. Take your baby to the store and ask for a professional baby photographer. Normally the photographer will have your baby lie on a white sheet and ask you to stand next to him or her as she takes multiple shots of the baby. By standing there with them, you help in directing the baby’s attention and gaze towards the camera. That will also prevent the baby from falling asleep. The photographer will then check all the pictures and establish whether they meet the standards set by your country. The one that is most appropriate gets picked and printed for submitting during passport application.

Local Department Store

Department stores have multiple businesses running in the same building or area. If you visit your local store chances are high that you will find a good baby photographing agency that is well versed with the standard requirements and regulations for taking and printing your baby’s passport photos.

Online Passport Photos

You can now get your baby’s passport online with very little effort on your part. This is a simple alternative you should try, as it is accessible from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is take pictures of the baby and upload the ones in which the baby:

· is alone

· is looking at the camera

· is not smiling

· does not have toys

Once you upload the pictures to the website, they will be verified to ascertain whether they meet the regulations and requirements for the country you intend to use it in. Once the perfect photo has been identified, you can choose to have it printed and shipped to you.

The best alternative for getting your baby’s passport photo is online. Contact us at Paspic Limited for help on how you can get your pictures today.

Photo: baby B by jan_krutisch licensed under Creative commons 2

How to Get a Good Passport Photo

Many people don’t realize that you can get good passport photos online. The option to get a good passport photo with can be a lot less hassle and gives you more control over how your photo is taken. To ensure you fully benefit from a faster approval process, follow these guidelines:


Preparing to take passport pictures online just requires a little bit of thought on your part. You first want to get a good night’s sleep so you look your best! If your hair is a color that you don’t plan to keep, consider restoring your natural hair color for the online passport picture. Wear clothing that you would wear on a normal daily basis and style your hair and makeup as you normally would.

Choose a Neutral Background

The passport photo must be taken in front of a neutral or very light colored background. If you have a large light-colored wall in your home, that’s a great place to get a good passport photo. If there is artwork on the wall, carefully remove it so there’s nothing in the way.

Choose Your Clothing

When you have your background planned, choose clothing that will stand out from the background. For instance, if you have a beige background avoid wearing beige clothing.

Experiment with Lighting

Lighting is key to get a good passport photo. Too much shadow on the face will be a problem. Set up lamps or other lighting so that the light is evenly hitting your face from both sides.

If you are not an experienced photographer, take a few photos to be sure that you’ve gotten a good one. Choose the one that best fits the requirements and that you like the most, and upload it. Our service will analyze the photo that you’ve selected and ensure that it meets the requirements of the passport service of the country you’re in. If for some reason the photo that you’ve uploaded is not up to the passport standards, we’ll email you to request a new one.

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