How to get a baby passport photo

Many parents believe that they need the services of a professional photographer for passport photos since a professional keeps up-to-date with government requirements and owns high-quality equipment. Yet, professional passport photography can become an expensive and time-consuming process when the project involves a baby. Babies often scream, fidget and close their eyes. Modern passport requirements for children and adults aren’t so inflexible that only a career photographer can create and print the photos correctly at the lowest possible cost. Instead, parents can take the images at home and purchase prints online without the irritation and hassles that pop up during an appointment.

To get high-quality, quick passport photos for your baby that fulfill all official passport rules, follow these four simple steps:

Prepare the background

Since babies must usually be held when sitting up and hands aren’t permitted in the picture, cover a tabletop, couch cushion or car seat with a plain white or light pastel sheet or blanket. A light background that doesn’t feature any patterns or dark colors is ideal because it helps your baby show up in the picture better. When you’re finished, set up a light source nearby.

Position your baby

Dress your baby in a dark, solid-colored, pattern-less shirt or nightgown that has a low or open collar. Don’t add any accessories, such as jewelry, a hat or a scarf. These items can reflect flash or other light or hide your baby’s physical features. Place your baby on or in front of the background with their hands away from their face and their hair pushed back from their forehead. Re-position the light that you set up earlier to reduce shadows, as needed.

Take the shot

Stand approximately 5 feet (1.524 meters) away from your baby so that you can center the shot easier. Make certain that your hands and any objects aren’t in the shot, and then take several photographs. If your camera has a continuous shooting Burst Mode, turn it on before you begin so that you don’t have to worry about trying to maintain your position while also clicking the shutter-release button multiple times. If your child becomes cranky or keeps looking away, hold one of your baby’s toys above the center of the camera to draw their attention.

Send the image

Pick the best clear photo that features your baby relaxed and centered on the background with their eyes wide open and looking forward. Go to our home page at Choose your country and required passport photo size from the drop-down menus, click the “Get My Passport Photo” button and then follow the on-screen instructions to upload and submit the photo. Our system reviews your photo for errors and offers advice to make corrections. Once the photo passes this initial inspection, purchase a set of three or four hard copies at an inexpensive price and wait approximately two business days for delivery.

At, we provide superior passport photo validation services and even offer free packaging and shipping to more than 65 countries. A detail-oriented inspector from our team always reviews a client’s photo before printing it. If we find an error during this secondary manual inspection, we contact you via email immediately with a request for a new image. With so many checks in place, you can be assured that you won’t deal with a rejection of your baby’s photo when applying for their passport.

Is a passport required for new born babies?

Traveling with your family, including toddlers, needs a lot of preparation in terms of documentation and packing for the trip. One of the most frustrating things for any traveler is facing delays due to the lack of proper documents. Although it is common knowledge that every adult must have a valid passport to book a flight, the rules are a bit confusing when it comes to children. So, is a passport required for newborn babies?

Domestic travel

Domestic travel is not too demanding for newborns. All you need is some documentation to show the identity of your child. This can be a birth certificate or any other useful document to act as a proof of citizenship. Ensure that you contact the relevant authorities a few days before you travel to confirm the kind of identification needed for your child.

International travel

Unlike domestic travel, where you don’t need a passport for your child to travel from one state to another, you will need a passport for your newborn if you are planning to travel to a different country. It is a requirement for every person, whether an infant, child or adult, to have a valid passport for international travel. The parent or guardian needs to ensure that the infant goes through the process of applying for a passport in plenty of time. The baby’s birth certificate is also required, because it acts as a proof of parentage and the child’s age.

Requirements when applying for a newborn’s passport

When applying for the passport for your newborn, be ready to provide the following documents:

• Two passport photos of your newborn
• Proof of the child’s citizenship (birth certificate, previous passport, certificate of citizenship or naturalization certificate)
• Photocopy of the parents’ or guardian’s ID
• The person applying for the newborn’s passport is required to fill in Form DS-11
• If one parent is absent, the one applying for the child’s passport must provide a written letter that shows approval from the other parent. This letter must not exceed three months from the time it was written

Ensure that you get the right documents to avoid last minute inconveniences. If you are wondering how to go about taking the right passport photos for your newborn, visit ( for professional assistance.

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Where can I take a Chinese passport photo?

Finding a convenient location to take a Chinese passport photo in the U.S. is not a straightforward process. While it’s easy to find all sorts of places offering American passport photo services, you’ll have to be a bit more patient when looking for a location to take your Chinese passport photo.

In this post, we highlight a few places to check out if you’re searching for such services.

Retail stores

If you’re looking for a reliable location to have your Chinese passport taken, you can check out major retail locations like Costco. Don’t waste time searching for such services in small retail locations though. Other than Costco, you can also pop into a large retailer like Walmart and have your passport photo needs sorted.

Visa agencies

Visa agencies are also dependable locations where you can take your Chinese passport photo. However, it is important to note that most visa agencies will ask for your US passport photo first before they process your request. Rather than taking a new photo, they normally resize your existing U.S. Passport to Chinese dimensions.

Online visa photo websites

Online visa websites are a game changer when it comes to taking passport photos. If you’re looking to take a Chinese passport photo, you no longer need to make a trip to a professional photo booth downtown or retail store just to have your passport photo taken.

Online passport photo services make the job easier as all you have to do is take a photo with your Smartphone and upload it to their website. Once they receive your photo, they’ll resize it to Chinese dimensions and send it over to CSV for printing. You can pick up your printed Chinese photo from CSV anytime you want even on the same day.

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As you can clearly see, if you’re looking to have your Chinese photo taken the options above are more than enough. However, the most convenient way to have your passport photo taken is to utilize online photo services like Paspic.

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