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How to get passport photo for baby

If you’re planning on taking your baby out of the country at some point, then you need a baby passport photo. Without one, you can’t legally re-enter the country or get into other countries. Fortunately, it’s easy to get quick passport photos. Find out how you can get your baby pictures done.

1. Consider your source for baby passport photos

There are a few ways that you can get your baby passport photos. For one, you can go through a professional photography service. For a fee, a photograph will take and print your photos. You could also go into certain pharmacies or retail services. However, the easiest method is to go online. Through the right service, you can get a passport size photo online. There’s no hassle and no complications.

2. Take the picture

Of course, you do need to take the picture. This isn’t as simple as it sounds. If you do your pictures at home, you need to be aware of the rules. For example, your baby needs to be looking at the camera. Additionally, she should have a closed mouth and a neutral expression. Be sure to remove any objects from your child’s hands, and keep the background clear of toys. Take your time getting the right picture. If you fail to do so, then your baby passport photos won’t be valid.

It’s also important that you pay attention to the background of the picture. It should be white, off-white, or a constant color. Although multiple colors might be cute, the background will invalidate your photo.

3. Make sure your photo meets the requirements

Knowing whether or not your baby passport photos is accurate can be challenging. Fortunately, there is help available. Use an online passport photo service to verify that your photo is acceptable. With the help of an expert, you can determine if you’re image is up to the standards.

Getting the Perfect Passport Photo

If you want the perfect passport photo, then you need some help. Paspic offers baby passport photos that can get you safely on your journey. With the photo taken care of, you can focus on the rest of your preparations.

How to get passport photo online

When applying for a passport, you must submit a clear, printed photo of yourself. The photo has to meet several guidelines, which are set by the country the passport is from. Some of the most important requirements include the head facing the camera directly and having a neutral facial expression. Markings such as birthmarks or scars must also be visible and the background either plain white or off-white.

It may be difficult to get young children to take a suitable passport photo. They may not understand how to hold their head up correctly or put on a neutral facial expression. Taking the photo in the comfort of your own home can make this easier as the child may feel more at ease, whereas photobooths could create more stress and discomfort.

Although these requirements are things you can easily meet at home, you might have difficulties in printing your photo. The photograph must be printed on gloss or matte paper, and be in rich color. Simple inexpensive printer paper will not suffice for a passport photo. Though many pharmacies, department stores, and grocery stores offer photo printing services, the photo can also be obtained online. offers an easy, simple alternative that you can access from wherever you are. is incredibly user-friendly. The user accesses the site and then uploads their photographs. Paspic features an automatic that verifies whether or not the photo meets regulations, based upon those set by the country in which the passport will be used. This gives you extra piece of mind if taking the photos yourself. Then, there’s the option to order hard copies of the photos, or use them for online applications if your country offers this service. The United States doesn’t accept online applications, but other countries may. However, Paspic ships hard copies of the passport photos in two days, making the turnaround time extremely quick.

For most people, online passport photo ordering is a convenient alternative to a trip to a retail location or post office.

Paspic offers US Passport photos for just $7, making it a very cost-effective option: For more information visit //

Photo: Passport by Tony Webster licensed under Creative commons 2

How to take passport photo for infants

It’s almost time for baby’s first vacation, which means you’re all ready to plan out exactly what you’ll need for the exotic getaway. But in between the nappies and wet wipes, don’t forget to sort out your baby passport picture, giving you the freedom to travel with your newborn or baby as you wish.

So when it comes to taking that quick passport photo, how easy is it to take a passport-appropriate photo of your child? Follow these steps and you’ll be set when it comes to getting everything sorted; no need for last-minute panics.

Everything vital in the frame

Similarly to an adult passport, the passport for an infant needs to include all the basic features you’d expect from a passport photograph, including visibility of eyes, nose, mouth in a pose in which your baby is looking straight ahead at the camera. The neck and chin should also be present in the photo, and completely visible within the frame.

Keep those eyes open

Of course, we all know that babies aren’t always keen on collaborating with your photographer, so the use of props and toys can provide a way to attract interest and get photos at the correct angle. Keeping the eyes open can also be a struggle especially for younger babies, and though toys can help with this most passport approvals will be understanding of a sleeping baby, as long as everything else is in order for the photograph.

Go neutral

If you baby wears glasses or often wears a hat, remove them – and the same applies to overly bright or over the top clothing that draw more attention to what your baby is wearing then their face. The idea is to have your baby’s appearance as natural as possible, while any birthmarks, freckles and moles are entirely visible. Propping your infant’s head up with a neutral towel or blanket can achieve the results you need.

If you’re looking to get your baby passport-certified, or you just want to know more about how to take the best passport photos of your infant, we can help. At Paspic we can offer you support in creating perfect quality photos, that get approved the first time. Take a look at our services to find out more.

Do babies need passport photos?

Years back, infants and babies were in line with their parent’s documents, and they could fly anywhere around the world without restrictions. Back then, all that was required for the child to fly was adult identification documents and guardianship documents in extreme cases.

However, those days are long gone; traveling in the modern age has become more complicated than ever before.

Now, entering an airport with an infant requires you to produce some form of identification i.e. a government-issued identification document for adult and birth certificate for kids. But that is just when you are traveling domestically. If you are planning on traveling abroad, travel regulations require that each passenger, regardless of age or gender, possess a valid passport.

This is to say that even the tiniest of travelers, your infant baby, for instance, should possess a valid passport. Currently, it’s a requirement that infants and babies, just like adults, must have a valid passport and the respective visas when traveling internationally.

Applying for baby passport

Applying for a baby passport the first time can be quite hectic since you are required to present yourself physically.

During the application process, you are required to show proof of your real identity, proof of citizenship and show that you’re related to the baby.

For you to do this, you are required to carry with you a:

– Valid photo identification of the parent or guardian. This may include a driver’s license or foreign passport.

– Government-issued birth certificate, with the registrar’s seal and signature.

– If the child was born in another country, you must show proof of alternate identity.

Where to apply for your baby’s passport

If you’re in the US and are looking to travel abroad, you can apply for your baby’s passport at any of the more than 90,000 passport acceptance facilities, which include libraries, post offices, courts and local government offices.

However, before you turn up, it is recommended that you give them a call beforehand to see whether they will be accepting passport applications on the day you plan to visit them.

What’s more, many choose to use an online passport photo service provider such as to approve their photos in advance. This not only saves you the hassle of trying to take your baby’s passport photo in a public booth but also prevents a possible delay if your photo doesn’t meet the required guidelines.

Using Paspic, you can simply upload your baby’s photo and be given a guarantee as to whether your picture passes the stringent requirements. As such, online passport photo providers are convenient because they allow you to order your baby’s passport photo from the convenience of your home.

So, to answer your question on whether your baby needs a passport when traveling; yes, they do.

And if you’re looking for an affordable, convenient and professional way to get baby passport photos online, take a look at

Where to get American passport photos

Finding a suitable location to have your American passport photo taken shouldn’t be a big issue unless you reside in an extremely remote area. Passport photos taken in photo booths or on your computer could be rejected, so should be avoided.

Here is a list of places in America where you can have quality passport photos taken.


Pharmacies are popular places where people frequent to have their photos taken. For instance, three of the largest pharmacy chains, namely CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreen have a combined total of 15,000 locations, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding a store near you.

Retail stores

Examples of large retail stores that offer passport photo services include Costco and Walmart. There are plenty of other small retail stores offering these services as well, ask support and you’ll be surprised to find these handy services on offer.

Shipping centers

Lots of shipping centers run by FedEx and UPS do offer quality passport photo services. You can search for the nearest center run by either of the two firms if you want to have your passport photo taken as soon as possible.

America Passport offices

You can also have your photos taken at a US passport office. This location is very convenient because it not only allows you to have your photo taken but you also get to present your application documents for processing on the spot.

Online passport photo service

An online service like will help you take and edit a passport photo online so that it meets the requirements. You can use the picture for free digitally (for online passport applications), or have it printed and sent to you.

Professional photography studios

Not many people take passport photos at professional studios nowadays. But this is an option you should consider if you urgently need a passport photo and you can’t find an alternative quickly. Expect to pay a bit more for your passport photos if you elect to go with this choice.

The places above are guaranteed to provide you with quality passport photos that should be approved by the authorities.

Get in touch with our team at if you have any questions about getting passport photos for both kids and adults. We know the ins and outs of taking high-quality passport photos and handle lots of requests each year.

Photo: Finally! by igb licensed under Creative commons 2

United Kingdom passport photo requirements

United Kingdom passport photo requirements are clear in needing crisp, non-blurry passport photos for babies. Here are some tips on meeting the UK passport photo requirements when applying for a baby passport.

Getting the photo correct

To receive the first passport for your baby, you must submit two identical photos, 45mm high by 35mm wide. There can be no other people or objects in the photo and the photo submitted cannot be a cropped version of a larger photo. The point is to show the baby on the passport in an identifiable way. Make sure both eyes are open and both ears are visible.

Show off your baby’s features

It is important that your baby’s face and neck be in the passport photo, and that these take up most of the space of the photo without going outside the edges. Get the whole head, face and both eyes and both ears in the photo while the baby looks as straight on as possible.

If you can get baby’s neck and shoulders, that is helpful. Make sure any birthmarks, moles, beauty marks, scars or other identifying features in those areas of the body are visible in the photo as well.

Remove all distractions

Use a plain, white or off-white background and focus only on the baby’s face. Using a white sheet, blanket, or a projector canvas are all great for the background. Make sure no toys, hats or books are in the photo to distract, and that the background does not have patterns or colors.

Also make sure the baby’s facial expression itself is not a distraction: The winning photo will appear as neutral in expression as possible. Photos with crying, smiling, laughter or other emotion will most likely be rejected for the baby’s passport photo.

Check the lighting

Have your baby facing the lighting source while not shining it in his or her eyes. Daylight is preferred. A common mistake is when there are shadows running over the baby’s face or in the background. Another common mistake is to have red eye in the photo, which will likely be rejected as well.

Once you have a set of photos that fit the specifications, will help you print them perfectly for UK passport photo submission!

How to take a baby passport photo

Since many babies rarely remain still enough for a photo shoot – except when they’re asleep – parents and guardians often find it difficult to take passport photos for babies. Any type of wriggling and squirming when a baby’s bored or excited or flailing when they’re crying or angry can ruin photos that need to be as clear and blurry-free as possible. Government passport regulations compound these difficulties.

To take the perfect passport picture of your baby, keep these professional tips in mind:

Make the background nondescript

Most governments don’t accept passport photos that have anything in the background that distracts from a baby’s physical features. Make certain that your baby rests on a white or off-white blanket, sheet or another piece of linen without anything else in the background like toys, wall decorations or patterned wallpaper.

Choose the right clothing

The idea again is to focus on your baby’s features and normal appearance. Choose the style of clothing that you normally put on your baby. So that an outfit doesn’t cause any distractions or cover up identifying features on the face or neck like moles and other birthmarks or scars, select a collarless outfit in a solid, dark color. Don’t use any hats or scarves.

Watch the body positioning

Beyond identifying marks, always include both of your baby’s eyes and ears, the chin and the neck, if possible, in the photo. Some countries accept photos of infants that have their eyes closed shut, but it’s a far wiser decision to try to get a photo with the eyes open for identification purposes. Also, your baby’s hair shouldn’t fall across their forehead or face at all and their hands should be kept out of all shots.

Keep lighting in mind

Any type of shadow in the photo can disqualify it. Make certain that the background material doesn’t have creases or folds that create shadows. To try to get the best positioning and lighting, prop your baby up in their car seat on a white background blanket or sheet. If that doesn’t work, carefully prop your baby’s head up by placing folded towels around their head under the background blanket or sheet so that you don’t have to lean over them as much casting shadows. Whenever your baby moves around a lot, wait to take additional shots since these actions can cause shadows and photo blur.

Take a lot of photos

Most people fail to get the perfect photo on the first attempt. The best way to acquire an image that will pass a passport photo inspection is to use common, user-friendly camera tricks: Turn on your digital camera’s auto-focus and “burst” or “continuous shooting” mode. The first option reduces fuzziness so that you don’t become irritated trying to focus shots manually. The second option makes the camera take several photos within seconds so that you don’t have to constantly push the shutter button. It also increases your chances of catching your baby at just the right moment. Once you have your baby in position, hold a filled bottle or toy slightly above the lens so that the baby keeps their eyes focused straight in front of them. If a shot you like is great other than it has red eye problems, don’t consider it a loss. Many governments permit red eye digital editing.

After you have one or more photos that you think might get the job done, turn to our professionals at to help you pick the right one and print it to the correct government specifications. We make the selection and printing process for passport photos for babies quick and convenient. Talk to one of our team today.

Where to get toddler passport photos

Getting a toddler to sit still for a passport photograph is almost impossible. More often than not, no amount of peek-a-boos or baby talk could get them to stay still, pay attention, and look into the camera long enough to capture a decent photo. It can be very frustrating for both parents and children alike knowing that official regulations regarding passport photos are quite strict. Although they are a bit lenient when it comes to toddler passport photos, the required background, clarity, and positioning must at least be followed.

Photo booths

Passport photo booths have the right settings to produce qualified photographs, however, it may not work as efficiently with toddlers, unless you have a well-behaved 1-year-old. Some parents use regular photo booths to acquire passport photos but these often yield pictures that would not pass regulations.

Professional photo studios

There are photo studios that offer passport photos as one of their services. This is a valid option but it can be quite expensive. It is quite fortunate that even traditional photo studios use digital cameras so at least you get a preview of the photo immediately after the shot, giving you a chance to choose the photos you think would qualify. Also, prints are ready just an hour after the photo session.

Online photo services

One highly recommended place to get baby passport photos is through an online passport photo service. They are knowledgeable about the strict requirements in passport applications for various countries. The process starts with you sending a picture of your baby to them, which they inspect manually to ensure that it conforms to the requirements. Once they see that it is a valid passport photo, they send you the prints through the mail. The great thing about this is that you get to photograph your toddler on your own. The baby is more relaxed around familiar faces and is more likely to stay still for a photograph. Just make sure that when you photograph your child, the background is white and that the baby is wearing dark-colored clothes with sleeves.

3 child-friendly travel destinations worth updating your children’s passport photos for

When selecting family-friendly vacation hot spots, it is tempting to choose locales that are close to home. Traveling with children is no simple task, and it is not always easy to figure out which holiday locations are actually accommodating to babies and children. The additional challenge of taking great passport photos for children persuades many parents to seek relaxation opportunities closer to home.

However, these outstanding child-friendly getaways make it worth your while to snag a new passport photo for your child. Make memories around the globe when you take your family’s passport photographs and hop on a plane to broaden your horizons.

1. Sydney, Australia

Home to the Sydney Opera House, you’ll find many great opportunities for your children to explore the land down under. The Opera House hosts many shows that cater to younger audiences, and understand how to appeal to this special demographic.

While you are there, check out the breathtaking beaches and marine life on the coast of Australia. Let your children have a great time in the sunshine—but bring plenty of sunscreen!

2. Tokyo, Japan

If your kids love anime and manga, they will clamor for a trip across the Pacific to the bustling city of Tokyo. Easily navigated by tourists thanks to a high English-speaking population, the city offers attractions for all ages.

Tokyo Disneyland may be a natural stop if your kids start feeling a bit homesick, as familiar faces will bring a smile to their faces. Be sure to pick up some stylish fashion featuring their favorite characters, which they can wear the next time you update their passport photos online.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Despite its adult reputation, Amsterdam is actually a great pick for kids. Young children can create grand science experiments at the Ondekhoek science center, while curious bookworms can check out the Anne Frank House, along with other famous literary locations.

If your kids grow weary of walking, take a cruise on the gondolas that traverse the city’s canals. With their second wind, they can climb and play on the wide variety of playgrounds that dot the historic city.

Go where your passport takes you

No matter what your destination, fresh kids’ passport photos will keep your family traveling smoothly. Spin the globe, point at a map, or search online for your next family adventure.

Photo: Amsterdam by Bert Kaufmann licensed under Creative commons 2

Baby’s perfect passport photo outfit

A baby’s passport does more than prove that a child is from a particular country and has the right to travel outside that country’s borders. A passport makes it possible for officials to confirm a baby’s identity and the rights of certain adults to travel with that baby. For this reason, it’s critical that the passport photo clearly identifies your baby in recognizable ways.

Which clothing options work best to allow you to get a high-quality photo for your baby’s passport?

Non-reflective materials

Reflective threads, glittery paint and gem or metal decorations can create a camera flare that makes your baby’s photo unusable. They can also add shadows to the photo that alter skin tone and make birthmarks less defined against the skin. Keep in mind, reflective materials include certain accessories, such as shiny barrettes, earrings and necklaces.

Solid colors

Patterns can create a “busy” photo that draws attention away from a baby’s unique features, such as identifying birthmarks. Additionally, certain bright-colored patterns, especially ones that feature orange, red and yellow colors, can make your baby’s skin tone in the photo inaccurate.

Darker shades

The background for a passport photo is typically white or grey. As a result, it’s best to choose a color that won’t blend into the background. If your baby’s skin isn’t extremely pale, you also need to pick a solid, darker shade that doesn’t cause your baby’s skin tone to appear too pale.

Open collar (optional)

Many babies have identifying marks like moles on the front of their necks and chests. Since the bottom of your baby’s passport photo cuts off below the shoulders, always make certain that the top portion of any outfit shows your child’s bare neck and upper chest. If your child has no discernible marks in these areas, then don’t worry.

Final considerations

The best baby passport photos show babies smiling and happy. Always pick comfortable clothing. Also, the outfit should be the same type and style you normally put on your baby. Lastly, a lot of parents like to take photos of babies wearing beanies or other styles of hats, especially with babies who aren’t yet a year old. Your baby’s head must remain uncovered for the photo.

For more information about this and other topics related to preparing passport photos for babies, contact our expert team at We handle thousands of passport photo requests yearly and know the tricks for taking the best photos of adults and children.