How to create passport online

It may sound easy, but creating a passport online can be a daunting process. Many have filed all the documentation required, only for their visits out of the country to be delayed because they did not meet the parameters set out by the government. There are some strict guidelines, especially when rendering passport photos, that must be followed else the photos are rejected. Some of the scenarios where a passport photo might be rejected include:

Subject not facing front

Passport photos will be rejected if the subjects are not front facing, have shadows falling on the face and background, or show expressions that are not neutral. The government has set rules that the passports must have the person looking directly into the camera and be well composed. It is mandatory that the photo submitted must clearly show all the features from the tip of your head to just below the clavicle. Photos taken too close or too far away will not be accepted because they will distort your appearance.

Wearing glasses

If the subject is wearing glasses in the passport photo, then it will be rejected. The only exception is when the photo is accompanied by a medical report from a qualified and certified doctor declaring that you have a medical reason to wear them. This is one of the recent changes to the regulations, made because glasses often cast shadows on the face or may be tinted.

Objects in the background

Having objects present in the background, patterned or colored backgrounds will lead to a red light in your passport. The only acceptable background is white, uniform and with zero shadows. The lighting must be precise in that it shows your skin tones exactly as they appear in natural light conditions.

Size of the passport photo

Size parameters can also lead to photos not being accepted. The photo cannot be blurred, pixelated, unfocused, in motion or have printer dots and patterns. One can make passport photos at home, but they must strictly follow the guidelines. To ensure that the process of taking a passport photo is done correctly, visit a passport acceptance agent at a government passport agency. You can also go to a business that specializes in government passports for guidance.

Photo: Passport by seantoyer licensed under Creative commons 2

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