Can my child have a dummy on their passport photo?

The matter of taking a passport photo can be tricky enough for adults – never mind for children! It’s especially difficult when the child is too young to understand the process and therefore liable to become agitated by it. This, of course, can mean tears. As most mums and dad know, it’s easier to manage a child’s emotions when they have a dummy in their mouth to soothe them. The question is: is your son or daughter allowed a dummy on their passport photo? Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

Are dummies allowed?

No, unfortunately. The passport guidelines make it clear that children must not be sucking on a dummy on their passport photo. This means that the picture will be rejected if you choose to go down this path. You also can’t use other tools that have been known to relax children, such as toys like rattles.

What’s the reasoning?

The passport office is aware that it can be difficult for parents to obtain adequate passport-style pictures of their child and, due to this, they have made some exceptions from the adult guidelines. However, dummies can’t be permitted because they will obstruct the child’s face and make it difficult for a border official to adequately ascertain their identity.

What are the exceptions?

First of all, your child won’t have to have a neutral expression or be looking at the camera on their passport photo. In fact, babies under one don’t even need to have their eyes open. Lastly, you can lay your baby on a clear sheet for the picture, which differs from the adult rules which stress that people must be stood in front of a clear background on their passport picture.

Don’t suffer alone

It’s understandable that mums and dads might struggle when it comes to taking their child’s passport photo. This doesn’t mean that you should suffer alone. Paspic is here to help, with a team qualified to look over your son or daughter’s passport picture to give you peace of mind that it’s appropriate and won’t be rejected when you submit the passport application.

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