Can you have bare shoulders on your passport photo?

Passports photos are a big deal. After all, an adult passport can stay with you for up to a decade – meaning you’ll have to live with the picture for many years to come. This, of course, is why people put so much emphasis on their hair before posing for the picture. You should, however, also focus on your clothing – particularly the parts visible on your shoulders. The question is: can you have bare shoulders on your passport photo? Let’s look at what you need to know about as you decide upon an outfit for the picture.

Can your shoulders be exposed?

Yes. The passport officials have been advised that this is down to the personal preference of each individual applicant. As a result, it can’t be the basis for your passport photo being rejected. The officials go off the guidelines that ‘under no circumstances should a photograph be rejected purely because the shoulders and upper body are uncovered’. Ultimately, this means you can wear attire that doesn’t cover your shoulders.

Are there any benefits?

It always helps if you feel comfortable and relaxed when taking your passport photo, which is why so many people now prefer to take the picture at home. If exposing your shoulders means you’re able to relax and better adhere to the picture guidelines, then it would be to your advantage to go down this route.

What are the downsides?

A picture with bare shoulders likely won’t give you the most professional and respectful air. This is something to consider, especially given that you might one day find yourself entering more conservative or faith-based countries. There’s also the fact the spare hard copies can also be used for other forms of identification, including student cards and employment purposes. Due to this, you might not be able to get as much use out of your photo if your shoulders are exposed.

It’s up to you!

It’s your decision whether you choose to have exposed shoulders on your passport picture. Just know that once you’ve taken a photo that you’re happy with then you can always send it across to Paspic. This is your way of ensuring the picture meets all the guidelines before you send it off with either your paper or digital passport application.

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