How To Get The Best Baby Passport Photo?

Best Baby Passport Photo

It may be another job to add to your never-ending pre-holiday to-do list, but getting passport photos is one of the ones that can be crossed off pretty quickly. Simply take the photo and there’s another tick in your ‘task complete’ box. Easy, right?

If you’ve got little ones, it’s not quite as simple as that. Tight regulations mean that no matter the age of the passport holder, the photo has to be perfect.

Firstly, what are the regulations for young ones?

• They should be looking directly at the camera with both ears and eyes clearly visible
• Their expression should be neutral – no smiling (no matter how cute they look when they do)
• The background should be sharp, clear and a light color such as white, cream or pale blue
• There should be nothing obstructing their face, including dummies, parents’ hands and shadows
• The baby passport photo must be in full color.

Here are our top tips for getting the perfect baby passport photo:

  1. As long as your hands are not visible, there are no rules to say you can’t support the baby’s head. Try some practice snaps beforehand to get the positioning right.
  2. If you can’t find a way to support your baby’s head and keep your arms out of the photo, a top tip is to cover their car seat or bouncer chair with a white blanket to create the plain background. Ensure the lighting in the room is bright to prevent any shadow from ruining the image.
  3. Stick to your daily routine. Avoid nap times when the baby will be sleepy or dinner time when the baby will be restless. Remember, a well-slept, well-fed baby is a happy baby!
  4. You can try all you want, but if the baby isn’t cooperating, the photo isn’t going to happen. Be sure to allow yourself as much time as possible to apply for an infant passport and take lots of photos when you get the chance, in case your initial image does not meet regulations.

With Paspic you just need a photo of your baby or child; Paspic will do all the hard work!

It’s all about the angles…

If you wear glasses then you’ll be familiar with the difficulties in obtaining passport photos that pass muster with the authorities.

The HM Passport Office in the UK is infamous when it comes to the number of hoops you have to jump through.

And, if you wear glasses, then its somewhat prescriptive “do’s and don’ts” list can go from merely being an irritation, to something that is tear-your-hair-out frustrating.

Yes, you can take off those specs for the photo, but it isn’t an accurate reflection of what you normally look like – and, arguably, undermines the whole point of an ID card. And the argument that, frankly, “it’s who I am, thank you very much,” holds plenty of merit for the stubborn among us who are unable, or unwilling, to use contacts.

Okay, so we aren’t Spartacus but if, like many others, you don’t want to remove your specs just to appease passport control, then fortunately there are a number of useful tips that you can employ to ensure that your pictures get the green light.

First up, make sure that the light is right when you get your passport photo taken. Glare on the lens is easily avoided if you angle the lenses slightly. Alternatively move your head ever-so-slightly to one side, but make sure you don’t fall foul of passport photo rules in the process.

Artificial lighting is also key. Try backlighting; this is less likely to lead to potential glare.

If photo retouching is needed, take care not to fall foul of passport guidelines – especially as some agencies expressly forbid it.

Also, one photo simply won’t cut it. Some agencies need two full-colour snapshots if your passport application is to prove successful.

Make sure they were taken against a cream or pale background too. And, finally, don’t forget your chosen photo must be the correct size. In the UK that means a picture measuring 45mm by 35mm – and one that isn’t a cut-down version of a larger image.

Stick to those guidelines and you’ll be jetting off to exotic climes sooner than you know.

Photo: Glasses by Katie@! licensed under Creative commons 2

Stock up on passport photos to reap retirement benefits

So, you’re ready to hang up your suit and tie, or wave goodbye to your apron and spend some time with the family in your golden year. It’s retirement time, and whether you’re going out with a big party, or just hoping to make the transition with minimal fuss, there’s a whole new life awaiting you away from the 9-5.

An unavoidable benefit of retirement is that you’re now eligible for a raft of discounts and reduced rate prices, but a lot of these will require a passport photo card to prove your identity. We’ve put together a list of photo cards which you might want to apply for to benefit from these advantages.

Bus pass

Ride for free on practically every bus in Britain – who’s going to turn down that offer? Apply to your local council for your card when you reach the state pension age, or on your 60th birthday if you live in Wales or London.

Senior Rail Card

If you travel on the trains a lot, or plan to start exploring, a Senior Rail Card can be yours from £30, giving you discounts on national rail travel. Apply on your 60th birthday.

Driving licence

Once you reach the age of 70, you’ll need to renew your driving licence. The DVLA should automatically send you a renewal form 90 days before your 70th birthday, and they will usually request a new passport photo.

Blue badge

If you find that your mobility is becoming a problem, consider applying for a blue badge, which allows you to park in disabled spaces in car parks. You’ll require passport photos for your application, as they are used to cut down on abuse of the blue badge scheme.

Got out your ballpoint pen ready to fill out all those forms? Remember to stock up on passport photos for all your applications. Grab your camera and get a friend or family member to take a snap of you against a plain white background, and upload it to can turn your photo into a passport quality photograph, print out multiple copies and send them back to you. Get on with your retirement, thanks to the passport photo experts at Paspic!

How To Plan For A Holiday By The Beach !

How to plan for a holiday by the beach

You can’t beat a beach holiday. There’s a reason why it remains the most popular holiday of them all. The combination of sun, sea, and sand is the perfect cocktail for relaxation and ridding your mind of the stresses of modern life. To help make sure you’re not caught out on your next seaside holiday, we’ve put together a quick guide to make sure you’re well and truly prepared.

Most importantly, you want to make sure you don’t forget your suntan lotion, See more information on the best sunscreen options here. Aside from protecting you from skin cancer, the last thing you want when you’re going back through immigration is not getting through because you’re a few shades redder than your passport photo!

Making sure you have essentials like sun cream, toothpaste and deodorant means you’re also much less likely to fall prey to the large markup many resorts have on these staple items. So don’t forget them.

Obviously we’re all looking for sun when we holiday at the beach, but be sure to check the weather forecasts beforehand. Just because the sun is shining during the day doesn’t mean that it won’t be chilly at night, and you’ll want to make sure you have an extra jumper if it is.

Another thing to plan ahead for is any dress codes at the resort you’re staying at or any restaurants that you’re planning on visiting. Being prepared like this beforehand could prevent any embarrassing faux pas when you’re out for dinner.

Of course, the essentials are important. Don’t forget a beach towel, your bathing suit, and your phone charger. If you have a rough idea of the activities you’re doing, then make sure you are prepared for them. You may fancy a hike away from the beach, but you won’t get far if you’ve only packed sandals.

The best way to be prepared is to make a checklist (Beach Vacation Packing Checklist). So take the items we’ve mentioned and thought about anything else you’ll need. With a little bit of forethought and a little planning, you are sure to have a perfect time at the beach, and with a bit of luck, you won’t be too sunburnt to pass as the same person on the photo in your passport!