Stock up on passport photos to reap retirement benefits

So, you’re ready to hang up your suit and tie, or wave goodbye to your apron and spend some time with the family in your golden year. It’s retirement time, and whether you’re going out with a big party, or just hoping to make the transition with minimal fuss, there’s a whole new life awaiting you away from the 9-5.

An unavoidable benefit of retirement is that you’re now eligible for a raft of discounts and reduced rate prices, but a lot of these will require a passport photo card to prove your identity. We’ve put together a list of photo cards which you might want to apply for to benefit from these advantages.

Bus pass

Ride for free on practically every bus in Britain – who’s going to turn down that offer? Apply to your local council for your card when you reach the state pension age, or on your 60th birthday if you live in Wales or London.

Senior Rail Card

If you travel on the trains a lot, or plan to start exploring, a Senior Rail Card can be yours from £30, giving you discounts on national rail travel. Apply on your 60th birthday.

Driving licence

Once you reach the age of 70, you’ll need to renew your driving licence. The DVLA should automatically send you a renewal form 90 days before your 70th birthday, and they will usually request a new passport photo.

Blue badge

If you find that your mobility is becoming a problem, consider applying for a blue badge, which allows you to park in disabled spaces in car parks. You’ll require passport photos for your application, as they are used to cut down on abuse of the blue badge scheme.

Got out your ballpoint pen ready to fill out all those forms? Remember to stock up on passport photos for all your applications. Grab your camera and get a friend or family member to take a snap of you against a plain white background, and upload it to can turn your photo into a passport quality photograph, print out multiple copies and send them back to you. Get on with your retirement, thanks to the passport photo experts at Paspic!

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