5 Tips On Getting The Perfect Baby Passport Photo

Baby Passport Photo

Meeting all the requirements for a passport photo can be hard enough for adults: no hair is allowed to cover the face, no glasses, no headscarf, no smile… the list is endless! But to get a decent baby passport photo that meets all regulations can be even more difficult! Fear not, because we’re here to help.

Just make sure that you take a photo of your baby with his/her face in the center of the picture. Upload it to Paspic and we’ll do all the hard work! Here are our five top tips on getting the perfect baby passport photo:

1. Do it yourself

Lay your baby on an off-white sheet and take a picture from above with a digital camera. You can then upload the image to paspic.com, where our team will manually ensure that your photo meets all standards, before sending a hard copy out to you.

2. Do it outside

You should ensure that there is no glare from the flash or artificial lighting in the picture. We recommend going outside on a sunny day and using natural light instead of a flash. This eliminates most of the shadows and all of the glare.

3. Edit

Editing software like Photoshop can be very handy. Position your baby against a white background and kneel below, holding him or her up. Get your partner or a friend to take the picture, and upload it to your computer. Using Photoshop, edit out your hand before sending it to us for final approval.

4. Use a white sheet

Sit on a stool and cover yourself completely with a white sheet, then sit your baby on your lap. This way, neither you nor your hands will be seen in the photograph.

5. Use distractions

If you’re having trouble getting your baby to look at the camera, hang a multi-colored mobile or toy above the camera to focus their attention. This gives the illusion that the baby is looking at the camera. Remember, children under 12 months old do not need to be looking directly at the camera.

You can watch our video tutorials for further advice on getting the perfect picture: Passport photo of your baby

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