Five reasons to keep your old passport

A new passport has the promise of future travel and exciting journeys, while your old one holds the memories of past adventures. When you receive your passport you will also have your old one returned, although the top corner will be cut and it will no longer be valid for travel, but that is no reason to throw it away. Read on for the five top reasons for holding on to your old passport.

1. Memories

Even if you’re the type who holds onto little and throws everything away, if you’re going to keep something it should be your old passport. Passports are often filled with old visa or permits to travel and many people like to hang on to them to show their children or grandchildren in later years, retelling stories of their past travels. In fact passports can prove helpful for future generations looking into their genealogy.

2. ID

An old passport, despite no longer being valid for travel, can still be used as identification for many purposes. Some merchants will accept an old passport as ID for buying certain items, unless your photo has changed dramatically. It can also be used for proving citizenship in some instances.

3. Current visas

It’s sometimes essential to keep an old passport if it has current visas or travel permits within it. You may need to travel with both your new and your old passport if this is the case.

4. Replacing a lost passport

Travelling with your old passport (keep it in a separate place to your new one) can prove invaluable should you lose your current passport when abroad. Simply take your old one into the UK Embassy and you will find getting a new replacement is a faster and easier process.

5. Applying for residency

Should you find yourself applying for residency in another country such as Australia, the authorities may ask which countries you have visited over the past 10 years. Using your old as well as your current passport can help fill out your application.

As you can see, holding on to your old passport can offer a range of benefits. Be sure to keep your old passport somewhere safe, preferably in a locked drawer to prevent identity theft.

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