Home Office confirms no immediate change to passport post-Brexit

There are no immediate plans to bring the traditional blue British passport back following the Brexit vote to leave the European Union, the Home Office has confirmed.

The larger format passports were scrapped in 1988 when the standard EU-wide burgundy ones were adopted by the UK.

And the Home Office has revealed that there are “no plans” to alter the existing passport after Home Secretary Amber Rudd was quizzed on the matter in Parliament.

Michael Fabricant, a pro-Brexit Conservative MP who represents the Lichfield constituency in Staffordshire, lodged a parliamentary question in the House of Commons, asking Ms Rudd if she planned to take steps to “introduce a new passport with a navy blue colour for the UK following the exit of the UK from the EU”.

But, responding to Mr Fabricant’s query, Robert Goodwill, Home Office minister, said: “There are no immediate plans for changes to the format or colour of the UK passport.

“Parliament will be informed of any changes to the passport following the UK withdrawal from the EU.”

It means those of us heading overseas can expect little change to the usual procedures when procuring a passport.

Whether you are renewing your passport, or looking to acquire one for the first time, the existing guidelines will hold sway – for the immediate future at least.

And, with any UK exit from the European Union unlikely to happen within two years of the start of formal separation talks, travellers should rest easy that their new passport, when it comes, will stay valid for some time to come.

Of course, you still need to satisfy the existing criteria when it comes to applying for the documentation – and that includes your passport photo.

The Passport Office requires snapshots that are up to professional standards and measure 45 mm high by 35 mm across.

Other rules include a neutral expression – so no smiling – the need to be facing directly ahead and the absence of red eye in the shot.

So make sure to stick to those all-important HM Passport Office guidelines when submitting your picture alongside your application.

Photo: #41 - Flying by JohnONolan licensed under Creative commons 2

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