How long does a baby passport last?

There is so much planning and preparation that is needed when travelling to another country with a baby. You need to ensure that you have enough nappies, change of clothes and formula, if they’re bottle fed. However, the most important thing that is needed is that of a valid passport, and this can be rather confusing for first-time parents. Below we offer some help and advice about baby passports, including how long they last.

A baby passport

Your baby will need their very own baby passport. In the past, a baby could travel on their mother’s passport, but this is no longer the case. Your baby will need their own passport, and to gain this you will need to submit two identical baby passport photos with your passport application.

How long will it last?

Babies grow so quickly and their appearance changes on a weekly basis. A newborn baby looks completely different at four weeks old, and this is why many parents assume that they need an up to date photo of their baby when they travel, but this is not the case. No matter what the age of your baby, their passport will be valid for five years from the date issued. All passports that are issued to a child 15 and under are valid for 5 years. After this time you will need to renew the passport and an up to date photo will be required.

What is required in the baby photo?

It is fairly easy to take a passport photo of your baby. Children under the age of one do not need to be looking directly at the camera, nor do they need to have their eyes open. You do need to ensure that you have their head and shoulders in the shot, that the image is clear and that there are no toys in the photo. The background also needs to be a neutral white, cream or pale grey.

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