How to obtain a second passport

A second passport isn’t just for spies, diplomats or the super rich. In fact, anyone can obtain a second passport whether it’s from another country or a duplicate by satisfying certain conditions. If you want to benefit from all the positives that another passport can bring, here’s how to get one.

Trace your family tree

If you can prove that your parents, grandparents or sometimes even great-grandparents come from another country, then you may be eligible for a low cost second passport. You’ll need to make an appointment at the nearest consulate and provide the necessary paperwork to prove your heritage.

You’ll need birth, marriage and death certificates for yourself and your children plus certificates going back through the maternal and paternal lines. You’ll also need passport photos for your new passport. Countries like Ireland and Germany are popular choices for these kinds of secondary passports.

Be patient

If you’re prepared to wait, you can generally apply for residency and then get a second passport after living in your chosen country for a set period of time – for most countries it’s five years before you can get your new passport photos taken and apply for your second passport. However, requirements can change so keep checking the website for your country of residency.

Invest in a second passport

You don’t have to be super rich, but economic citizenship programmes effectively allow you to buy that all-important second passport. The cost can be exceptionally high, however, with some Caribbean countries charging a six figure sum. It’s probably worth considering residency rather than this type of deal.

Birth or marriage

There are also ways to get citizenship and a passport through marriage and birth, but residency doesn’t always apply to parents. For example, a child born on French soil is eligible for a passport but only if they have one French parent.

Frequent traveller

If you travel often for business, then you might want to apply for a second passport in case anything happens to the original. You’ll need proof of business travel, your existing passport and birth certificate plus of course your new passport pictures – just remind the passport office not to cancel your original passport!

However you intend to get a second passport, Paspic can help you get your online passport photo right first time!

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