How to take a passport size photo at home

The time has come for you to sort out your passport for your forthcoming holiday. You have gathered all the relevant paperwork and all that is left is to take a passport picture. This can be done by a professional photographer, but this can often be costly and an inconvenience, especially if you have a baby or young children. A better option is to take the photo at home and to then use an online service to produce the passport size that is required. Below we show you how to take a passport size photo at home.

The right background and lighting

The first thing to consider is the background. This needs to be a neutral grey, cream or white. So, at home you could stand in front of a wall or place a sheet behind where you wish to stand. The space needs to be well lit, but should not cast any shadows. The image should be clear and in focus.

Head and shoulders

It is important that the photo is taken at the correct distance, but you shouldn’t be too worried about this when using our online passport photo service. Just be sure that your head and shoulders are in the shot, and that you are looking directly at the camera. You should not smile but have a neutral expression, and have your eyes open.

Babies and children

Rules are slightly relaxed when taking a passport photo of a baby or small child. A baby can lie on a cream or white blanket and does not need to have their eyes open. They do need to be in focus, should not be using a dummy or have any toys in the frame. Older children do need to have their eyes open but do not need to look at the camera.

We do the hard work for you

When you have taken your desired passport photo at home, all you need to do is to download the photo onto our website. We will then crop the image and make it passport sized.

To learn more about passport photos and how to upload them onto our site, then please do browse our website today and follow the step by step guide.

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