Tips for taking the perfect passport photo as a woman

We’ve all been there: we get our passport photograph taken at the height of a fashion revolution, only to cringe a few years’ later whenever we need to produce our ID. So, just how do we get it right in terms of makeup and beauty, so we love our passport photos, instead of loathing them?

Start with the basics

The first beauty tip, and probably the most important, is to start with the basics: your complexion. It is common for photo booth images to come out looking a little flat and dull, so taking the time to work on your complexion is a must. Try not to go for a foundation that has an SPF base as a flash can make your face look overly shiny. Instead, opt for a matt foundation and use a subtle highlighter down your nose and along your cheekbones. Natural bronzing powder will be great for subtly contouring your face, leaving you with a fresh, matte and gorgeous complexion on your passport photos.

Remember, less is more, and try not to over contour or highlight, as it is a subtle glow and not shine that you want in your photos.

Don’t try too hard

Your passport photo needs to last 10 years, so you want to keep your look timeless. Don’t go wearing anything that is overly trendy. For instance, a dramatic eyeliner, brightly coloured lipstick or metallic eyeshadow might be looking catwalk worthy now, but in five years’ time it may leave you blushing upon its reminder.

The secret smile

The rules of smiling on photos for your passport are extremely strict, there are ways to ensure you look as though you are smiling without actually doing so. Sounds odd, but with a little bit of practice in the mirror beforehand this trick works. When in the photo booth, get in position and look straight ahead. Breathe in, then out and relax your facial muscles. Lightly clench your teeth, widen your eyes and raise your eyebrows a tiny bit while silently telling yourself to think about smiling.

Photo: for passport by parramitta licensed under Creative commons 2

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