When is the optimum time to take your passport photo?

Getting a passport photo right is imperative to having your passport application processed with success. Whether you need it in a hurry for an upcoming holiday, or simply want to get it right first time, it’s important to follow the rules. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t also want to look your best in your passport photo, after all, you are going to have it for the next ten years.

Not in a rush

Avoid having your passport photo taken in a rush. This may happen if you do it at a train station on your way to or from work, or during a busy shopping trip in town. However and wherever you get it done, be sure you have plenty of time in order to choose the best possible photo of yourself before printing.

Be comfortable

It’s important to feel comfortable. A train station is not the most comfortable of places, especially if there is a lot of noise and a queue for the booth. The most comfortable place is, of course, your own home, and thanks to online passport photo approval services, it is now possible to have your photo taken in the comfort of your own home and checked online.

Not too early, not too late

First thing in the morning and last thing at night are likely to be the two worst times to have your picture taken as either way you’ll likely look tired. Think about when you feel like you look your best and feel most relaxed in the day and aim to have the picture taken around then.

Considering hair and clothes

Accessories such as glasses, hats and scarves are not allowed in passport photos; however, a small part of your clothing may well be visible. If you work in a shop and wear an unflattering colour uniform, consider changing into your own clothes for the picture. Your hair will certainly be visible, however, so do take the time to brush and style your hair (down is usually recommended) as unruly hair will be the first thing you notice every time you see your passport photo.

Getting the photo right in terms of having the application passed is your number one priority, but making sure you like the look of your passport photo is still important. If you decide to take your picture in the relaxed surrounds of your home, why not use Paspic to ensure it meets all the criteria so that you don’t suffer any unexpected delays.

Photo: Holding olympus by Нugо licensed under Creative commons 2

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