A step-by-step guide to sorting out your baby’s passport

When you have a baby, there are innumerable things to sort out. Your days will blend into one another, and you’ll end up purchasing bits and pieces that, up until a few months ago, you didn’t even know existed.

Day-to-day life can become incredibly tiring, and many young parents decide that a well-earned holiday will give them something to look forward to. However, with so many things to consider, and given that the daily routine never ends, it can be easy to forget that your young child will need a passport to be able to travel.

However, the process isn’t complicated, nor should it be daunting. With our simple guide, you can ensure that you and your child can jet off and enjoy the sunshine without any worries.

1. The application

Quite simply, if you have parental responsibility for the child, you can apply for a passport on their behalf. If you are a British citizen it is unlikely that there will be any difficulties, but if you do anticipate that something could go wrong, the government’s dedicated website should be able to help [https://www.gov.uk/get-a-child-passport]. You can also apply online via the same page.

2. The cost

The process of applying for a passport doesn’t tend to cost a lot of money. At the time of writing, it costs £46 if you want to apply for a passport either online or via post. This passport will then be valid for five years (unlike the 10 years for adults).

3. The paperwork

To prove the identity of the child you will need to provide a legitimate birth certificate. This is simply to confirm that the child is able to be granted the passport you are applying for.

4. The photo

Getting the right photo is key for any passport application, and that is no different when it comes to sorting out one for your child. You will need to supply two identical photos, and they must be up-close pictures of your baby’s head and upper shoulders. No other items – rattles, bottles or dummies – should be included. For children under the age of one, it doesn’t matter whether their eyes are open or not.

Getting the correct baby passport pics is essential, and Paspic can help! As long as you stick by these simple rules, you should be able to get it sorted in no time.

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