Best place to take your passport photo? Try at work

You might well feel spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a place to take your passport picture. After all, the days of queuing at a photo booth are long gone and there’s a whole world of places that would make for a suitable spot to stand in front of the camera. The question is: where is the best place to take your passport picture? Well, you might want to consider taking it in work – especially if you work in an office. Here are three reasons why it makes for a great option.


The rules are clear that you must take your photo in front of a ‘plain light-coloured background’ for it to be accepted. There can, of course, be an abundance of such backgrounds in the average workplace since offices generally rely on neutral colours. You need just look around your office to find the most suitable site and start flashing away when you’re stood in a spot that fits the bill.


Everyone wants to have a passport photo that they can be proud of. This usually means looking your best and wearing clothing that is ageless. Thankfully, you’ll be used to achieving a certain level of presentation before you go into your office and work alongside your colleagues. This should mean that you’re ready to stand in front of the lens and have your passport picture taken at a moment’s notice without having to spend additional time making yourself look presentable.


You should hopefully feel switched on during the working day as your brain is stimulated by different tasks. This is handy because it should mean that you’re in a good position to make an assessment about the suitability of your picture once it’s been taken. Don’t forget, a photo that doesn’t meet the strict criteria is likely to be rejected and cause significant delays to your passport application – so you should take in when you are in the right headspace to thoroughly look it over.

Let us help you

If you’ve taken a passport picture in work but still aren’t sure whether it’s in line with the guidelines then you shouldn’t wait to send it over to Paspic. This way you’ll have a guarantee that it’s suitable before submitting it alongside the rest of your passport application.

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