Will you need a new passport photo after losing weight?

A quarter of holiday-makers embark on a crash diet before going on vacation, according to a survey carried out by Pizza Express. If you’ve been successful in your mission to lose weight before going away – or if you’ve simply shed the pounds for a different reason – you might be questioning whether your current passport picture is still a decent representation of your appearance. The question is: will you need a new passport photo after losing weight? Here’s what you need to know.

Is a new passport necessary?

It really depends on how much weight you’ve lost and, in particular, whether your face has been transformed as a result. Significant changes to your appearance (such as plastic surgery) are deemed sufficient to require a new passport photo. You’ll have to assess whether you’re still recognisable before deciding what route to take.

What if you keep your old picture?

You can, unfortunately, expect delays if your appearance has changed dramatically and your passport picture is no longer representative of your facial features. It’s not just that a border official might question your identity, but also that you might not register against the biometric e-gates now found at most airports. It could mean that your holiday both starts and ends with undue hassle.

Are there benefits to a new picture?

Yes. Aside from the fact that a new passport photo will remove any questions about your identity when you arrive in a new country, there’s also the fact that you’ll likely feel happier with the picture. After all, if you’ve gone to the effort of sticking to a rigorous diet to transform yourself then you might very well welcome the opportunity to pose for a new passport photo.

What’s the process?

You’ll have to apply for a passport renewal, which will allow you the chance to submit a newer, more accurate photo. You can now take the picture at home, so it shouldn’t be inconvenient to do in the slightest.

Let us assist

We’re skilled at ensuring passport photos meet the government’s strict criteria and won’t be the cause of any delays. Therefore, once you’ve taken your photo, be sure to send it through to us at Paspic.

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