Can you have a fringe on your passport photo?

Men and women alike have fringes. It’s a hairstyle that’s stood the test of the time and doesn’t show any signs of falling out of the fashion in the near future. The question is: can you have a fringe on your passport photo? If you’re looking for answers, this is what you need to know before posing in front of the camera.

Are fringes allowed?

You might be under the impression that a fridge – particularly one that’s long and thick – wouldn’t be allowed under the official passport guidelines. After all, you hairdo could potentially cover a significant part of your face and hide your forehead. Fear not, you’ll still be recognisable even with a fringe and won’t have a problem using e-gates when entering a different country.

How long can your fringe be?

This is where you have to be careful. Whereas you are allowed to sport a fringe, you must not have hair covering your eyes in your passport photo. Why? Well, because it will raise a question over your identity when you leave and enter different countries – potentially causing a delay to your journey.

What are your options?

The easiest option would arguably be to briefly restyle your hair or tie it back for the photograph to ensure that your eyes can be seen. Thankfully no one need see how you look because there’s no need to go out in public to get a passport picture. Instead, you can now stay at home and take your time when snapping a passport photo.

What if you’re unsure?

The whole process of taking a passport picture can admittedly be rather tricky, especially when you factor in that you need to restyle your hair for the photo. Don’t worry though, you can have added assurance that the image meets the requirements if you send it through to the team at Paspic.

Good luck!

The photo-taking process should be rather simple when you’ve got some added assistance from Paspic. In addition to making sure your photo will meet the guidelines, we’ll also send you two hard copies of your picture should you need these to submit with your passport application.

Photo: Bang! by Guilherme Yagui licensed under Creative commons 4

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