Must your shoulders be visible on your passport photo?

You’re right to put emphasis on your face when taking your passport photo. After all, this will largely make up the bulk of the picture and be the means of which your identity is assessed when you leave and enter different countries. You might have also noticed that many passport pictures also feature people’s shoulders. The question is: do your shoulders need to be visible on your passport photo? Here’s what you need to know before completing your passport application.

Must you show your shoulders?

Yes. The guidelines are pretty clear, with the rule stating that ‘photos must show a full front view of face and shoulders’. If you ignore this rule – or if your shoulders can only partially be seen – it’s likely that your passport picture will be rejected and you’ll have to take another.

Does this make it harder?

You should actually find that you’re able to take a better passport photo when you’re framing the image so that your shoulders are also included. Your shoulders can actually act as a handy marker to ensure that you’re not taking the picture from too close or too far away.

What must you consider?

Ultimately, you might have to give added attention to the clothes that you choose to wear on your passport photo. After all, any clothing across your shoulders will be visible. You might be best served choosing more neutral and ageless designs, especially since your photo will last for 10 years when approved alongside an adult passport.

What if you’re unsure?

Don’t worry about going wrong with your passport photo. Paspic will be able to let you know if it meets the guidelines before you submit it with your passport application, meaning you can avoid any of the long delays that can come from submitting an invalid picture.

Good luck!

This information should be enough to steer you in the right direction before getting in front of the camera. Don’t forget, once you’ve snapped an image that you’re happy with, you can always send it to Paspic. We’ll give you assurance that it meets the strict guidelines and put your mind at rest before you send off your passport application.

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