Can you wear glasses in your passport photo?

It’s important that everyone knows what does and doesn’t make for a satisfactory passport photo. After all, the slightest misunderstanding of the rules can cause the image to be rejected and lead to major delays in your passport application. For those people who are visually impaired, the question arises: can you wear glasses on your passport photo? Ahead of getting in front of the lens, here’s what you need to know.

Can you wear glasses?

The rules state that you can wear glasses if the spectacles ‘cannot be taken off’. This essentially means that reading glasses are allowed since they serve to improve a person’s eyesight, rather than being for fashion purposes.

Should you wear glasses?

The passport guidelines don’t overtly pressure people to take off their glasses. However, it’s in your best interest to do so – even if you are visually impaired. This is because the lenses can throw of the biometrics, making it difficult for facial recognition software to identify you.

Can you wear any glasses?

No. Sunglasses or tinted glasses shouldn’t be worn on your passport photo. This is because they hide the details in your eyes (colour, shape etc.), meaning the picture won’t be a true likeness of yourself.

Are there tips that can help?

The official government guidelines warn people that glasses are prone to glares and reflections when taking a picture. This is certainly something to watch out for because either of these two things can cause your passport photo to be rejected.

What else should you know?

The rules state that a person’s eyes should always be ‘open and visible’ on the picture. This is something to consider if you take your glasses off, especially if being without your specs causes you to squint.

Good luck!

It’s not necessary for you to remove your glasses when taking your passport photo, but there are certainly advantages to doing so if you can. In the meantime, you can now take your passport photo at home with the help of Paspic. By using our service you’ll receive assurance that your photo is satisfactory before you submit it alongside your passport application.

Photo: ALOOK AKALK-223 by othree licensed under Creative commons 2

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