Who can sign a baby passport photo?

Applying for baby’s first passport? You’ll need two signed baby passport photos before you can apply online or through a service like the Post Office Check and Send.

When do I need to get child passport photos signed?

If you’re applying for a first passport for a baby or child, or a passport renewal for a child under 11, then you’ll need to have the photos countersigned. This helps to prove the identity of the person applying for the passport.

Can I get a relative to sign?

No you can’t. The person who signs the photos can’t be related by marriage or birth. They mustn’t be in a relationship with you or even live at the same address.

So who can sign a baby passport photo?

The person who signs must:

• Have known the applicant for at least two years
• Be able to identify them as a friend or neighbour
• Be of good standing in the community
• Live in the UK and hold a British or Irish passport

Don’t panic – in the case of baby passport photos, the person signing needs to have known you, not your baby, for two years. That means you can ask a close work colleague or friend to do the job as long as they’ve worked in, or are retired from, one of the recognised professions.

Does that mean I can ask my doctor?

Only if they can recognise you from your photo and know you as a friend. You can’t ask anyone who works for the passport office, either.

OK, I’ve found someone. Now what do I do?

They’ll need to write the following phrase on the back of one of your baby passport photos, along with the date and their signature:

‘I certify that this is a true likeness of [title and full name of adult or child who is getting the passport].’

So where do I get baby passport pictures again?

With Paspic you can take your baby passport photos at home and then have them sent to locations all over the world. And with a 99.5% approval rate on first submission, you’ll have your baby’s passport in no time!

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