Funniest passport photo fails

We all know that with the new regulations, getting your passport photo taken and ensuring it is fit for purpose is not straightforward. However some people fall at the first hurdle – and occasionally in the most entertaining ways…

Grandad’s photo fail 1

In 2015 an amused granddaughter shared her grandad’s passport photo disaster to Twitter. The unfortunate gentleman, clearly preoccupied with the list of dos and don’ts that he will have studied ahead of entering the photo booth, managed to press the wrong button. The resulting pictures had decorated his balding head with an assortment of fake cartoon wigs. It soon turned out that he was not alone. Several other grandchildren shared the results of their own grandparent’s efforts – all were modelling a series of cartoon additions to their heads and faces.

Tip: Lots of booths have a ‘fun’ option which will decorate your photograph with various animations and cartoon features. Double check which button you’re pressing.

Grandad’s photo fail 2

Also in 2015, another Twitter commentator shared the results of her own grandad’s expedition to the photo booth. On this occasion, he had somehow managed to select the ‘fun frame’ option, and the resulting picture had him chummily sat alongside famous comedy icon, Ali G. Much to the contributor’s amusement, her grandad was convinced that he had somehow received someone else’s photographs as he had absolutely no idea who Ali G was…

Tip: see previous. Check the buttons carefully!

Baby photo fail

At the other end of the age spectrum, in 2012 one Canadian internet blogger posted a magnificent passport photograph of his five month old son looking, well, a little worse for wear. The picture captured the baby with one eye closed, the other barely open and drool on his drooping jaw. The youngster was soon edited into various memes and photographs indicating he had been partying hard, much to the delight of members of the online community.

Tip: Be prepared to take several pictures to get the shot you want. Ideally go after baby has completely finished napping!

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