Tips to show personality on your passport photo

There’s little room to show personality on your passport photo – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. The official guidelines – which ban people from smiling, looking into the distance or posing at an angle – mean that it’s difficult for people to capture some essence of what makes them unique. There are still some routes that you can go down if you want to make your image a little bit more individual. Here are just a few tips to get you started.


There’s actually quite a lot of freedom when it comes to your hair. As long as it doesn’t cover your eyes or face, it’s pretty much fair game. This means that you’re still welcome to experiment with funky ‘dos and adventurous hair dye if that’s what you’re into.


Admittedly, the vast majority of your attire won’t be seen on your passport photo if you take it in accordance with the guidelines. However, there can still be a small amount of your upper clothing on show – especially around the shoulder/neck area. Just make sure you don’t wear a hat or any other form of headgear because it’s not allowed.

Facial hair

Men can try all different styles of facial hair without worrying that it will cause their passport application to be rejected. Beards, moustaches and five o’clock shadows are perfectly acceptable, so there’s no need to shave for anyone who wants to rock one on their passport picture.

Make up

Makeup is fine for those people who want to cover those small imperfections. Whether it’s foundation to add a little bit of colour to your complexion or lip liner to add more definition to your pout, you’re free to wear whatever you want in terms of makeup.

Think carefully

There’s always going to be a temptation to show some personality on your passport photo. After all, the image will stay with you for years and can be used on other forms of identification. However, it’s probably best that you avoid anything that’s too modern or that’s a fleeting trend in case you live to regret the decision later down the line.

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