How can I apply for my passport online?

The prospect of completing a passport application is often a daunting one. You may be reluctant to apply due to preconceptions of needing to complete an excessive amount of forms.

Introducing digital applications

The rise of the digital era has thankfully eased the burden on passport applications. You can now apply for your passport online via the government website, as well as being able to update, renew and replace your passport. Online passport application also enables you to easily track the status of your application.

Benefits of online applications

The main benefit of an online application is the elimination of inky mistakes. If you make an error, you can simply press delete and re-complete that section of the form without having to source a whole new document.

You also save money by applying online rather than by post. That £9.50 saving in your pocket can help contribute to your holiday fund!

Things you should know

You need a debit or credit card to pay for your passport online, so make sure this is something you have prior to starting an application, or else you will not be able to process it.

It will take approximately six weeks to receive your UK adult passport, but this process may take longer during busy periods like summer. All other types of application take around 3 weeks, but this duration may also be extended depending on demand and incorrect details in your application.

Online passport photos

Digital passport applications also enable you to upload a digital photo. However, please bear in mind that your digital passport photo must still meet the requirements that are set by Her Majesty’s Passport Office. Our passport photo service is the perfect way to help meet these strict requirements, as 95.5% of our passport photos are approved on first submission.

If you upload your photos with us, you will benefit from our BETA passport photo service that provides both physical and digital copies of your passport photo. Your digital photo can be seamlessly uploaded to your online passport application, making the process even easier.

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