Tips for getting a good baby passport photo

We all know that passport photos have to be at a certain standard. You have to be looking straight at the camera, no cheesy grins, and no silly faces. Try telling that to a six month old who just wants to play! Here are some hints and tips on how to get the best baby passport photo, and avoid it being a stressful experience.

Not too excited, not too tired

A tired baby may be too fretful to take a good photo of. If they are in need of a nap and are going to start crying or becoming stressed, put your photo off until another time. Likewise, just after nap time might not be the best time either. When your baby is super lively, they are not going to want to sit still for you while you take your best shot. You know your baby best. Find the time when they are most chilled, as you will be able to get them into the best position more easily. And be prepared to take a few shots!

Use a favourite toy, sound, or TV show

What makes your baby stop everything and just stare? Use it. Whether that’s your partner or a sibling waving a favourite toy over your shoulder, or a favourite cartoon projected on the ceiling, anything that keeps their attention for a few seconds while you take your shot is ideal. Baby sensory videos available for free online can be really useful for this.

Avoid a busy photo shop

Taking a baby to a busy shop where they’re expected to sit in a white room or against a white background and stay still is expecting too much. Babies can become easily overwhelmed by crowds in shops, or alternatively, they might just want to be super social and giggle at everything around them. Taking passport photos for babies at home is quicker, easier on baby and parent, and in most cases, much more cost effective.

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Photo: Baby by smbuckley23 licensed under Creative commons 4

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