How much do passport photos cost?

Whenever you have your passport photo taken, do you factor in the hidden costs? You already know that having your photo taken in a booth or at a photo shop is more expensive than doing the job yourself. But have you ever considered the hidden extras that make it even more costly?

The hidden costs of passport photos

The fact that just about everyone has a smartphone with a great camera these days is making the photo booth obsolete. But let’s say you need a passport photo fast, you lost your phone and all your friends are out of town. You need to find a way to get your passport pics printed.

Once they used to be everywhere – in post offices, train stations and more. Now photo booths are now few and far between. When you finally find one you’ll only have a limited number of chances to get your picture right. Then there’s the long, long wait until the booth finally spits out your photos and you realise your white T-shirt makes you look naked and you’re pulling the kind of face you dread to be identified by for the next 10 years. Another attempt in a photo booth soon adds to your spending.

Instead, you seek out the local photo shop. You’ll pay around the same as a photo booth for your photos but at least your photographer will take unlimited shots – within reason. Obviously, no photographer is going to keep shooting all day while you insist you need to try just once more. Then, you’ll either have to wait around for prints or come back again to pick them up later. That can be inconvenient if you’ve made a special trip into town and you’re spending a fortune in parking.

The joys of DIY

If you want to avoid the time, money and hassle then order your passport photos online. At Paspic we’ll deliver pre-checked photos with a 99.5% chance of being approved anywhere in the world for just £6. Our service is ideal whether you need ID overseas or that dreaded passport renewal is near. Our checking service gives you peace of mind and you can practice your passport pose until you get it just right!

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