Where can I get a digital passport photo taken?

If you’ve applied for a passport in the last few years you’ll know that the rules seem to get stricter and stricter – and the process more and more expensive – every time. One of the most common reasons for a passport application being turned down is that the photo you sent with it doesn’t meet the requirements. So, where can you get your passport photo taken to make sure that you don’t have problems?

The machine in the corner of the supermarket

For almost everyone, this is the place they got their first passport photo taken: the grotty little machine behind the checkouts in your local supermarket. When it works, it’s perfectly okay, but of course, when it doesn’t, it’s frustrating enough to make you want to pick up the entire machine and throw it through the automatic doors.

Not to mention, who wants to wait 5 minutes for their photos to spit out of that little window on the side of the booth while all their frozen shopping is melting.

What’s more, if you’ve ever tried to use one of these machines to get baby passport pictures, you’ll know all too well that it’s a particular kind of purgatory.

Professional high-street photographers

One word: expensive. Although you’re likely to receive a higher quality product than you would from an automated photo-booth, you’re also expected to pay a lot more for it.

The other problem is that you’re more than likely to be paying for a set of six passport photos when really you only want two. And you know that in two years time when you need them again you just won’t be able to remember which safe place you put the other four photos in; no matter how sure you were you’d be able to find them again this time.

Going digital

At Paspic, we save you time, money, and stress with our digital system, by making sure that you get your passport photos right the first time. Simply use your phone to take a photo against a plain background, choose which country you are applying for a passport from, and your photos will be printed, checked by our experts, and delivered to your door for free in just a couple of days.

Photo: camera by wiennat licensed under Creative commons 2

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