How much is a baby passport?

Your child will need a passport if they are to leave the country – even if they’re just a few days old. Due to this, you’ll need to go through the passport application process if you want to take your baby abroad. You might ask: how much will this cost? Here’s what you need to know about the price of baby passports and what you can expect when applying.

What’s the cost?

Your baby will require a child’s passport, which is currently priced at £49. This might seem like a hefty sum but it’s still cheaper than adult passports, which will set you back £75.50. Unfortunately, you don’t quite get the same value for money because a child’s passport is only valid for five years before it must be renewed. This will be the case until your son or daughter turns 16, when at that point they’ll be eligible for an adult passport, which lasts for 10 years.

How long is the process?

You can expect to have the passport in your hands around three weeks after submitting the application. If you are in a hurry then you can go down a fast track route, which takes just one week. However, this will bump up the cost considerably and you’ll be faced with a bill of £122 for the passport.

What else should you know?

You can speed up the process by getting your head around the passport photo rules, which are different for babies than they are for adults. In particular, babies do not have to be looking at the camera or even have their eyes open. This should make the picture-taking process run a little smoother and less stressful. Best of all, you can even take it at home! Afterwards, you can further eliminate any possible delays or expenditure by having the picture checked over by Paspic to ensure that it will be accepted along with the application.

Good luck!

The baby passport process shouldn’t be too difficult, especially if you enlist the services of Paspic. We’ll give you peace of mind that the passport photos you’re submitting meet all the guidelines, as well as send you the hard copies of the picture.

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