How to get a good passport photo for toddlers and babies

Taking photos of your kids for any formal occasion can be incredibly stressful and difficult. Children and babies now need their own passport photo. The days of them being allowed on your passport are long gone, and with these changes come tighter rules and regulations. However, don’t panic. What’s important to remember is that you follow the current passport guidelines for when taking photos of your little ones.

The set up

The first thing to note when taking a child passport photo is the importance of the background environment and lighting. But, once again, don’t panic and think that you need to hire a professional photographer, as you’ll have everything you need at home. Make sure that the space you are using is well lit, natural light is best, and take the photo against a white or cream blanket. A basic digital camera or smartphone is all you need to take the photo.

Taking passport pictures for baby

Many people worry about taking a baby passport photo, but it’s actually less stressful than you think. Passport photos for babies are best taken when the baby is calm and rested. Ideally, baby’s eyes need to be open, but they don’t need to look directly at the camera. There should be no dummy, toys or comfort blanket in the photo. The best method to use is to place your baby on a white, or cream blanket, and to take the image from above. As long as you can see baby’s face and there is no shadow, then you’ll have a good passport photo.

Taking a toddler passport photo

A toddler passport photo can be more challenging than taking a baby’s photo as they are continuously on the go. It’s a good idea to let them burn off some of this energy before you start taking photos so that you have a better chance of them standing still. Take the photo against a white or cream wall and make sure that they are looking at the camera. This is very important for the photo to be accepted with your passport application.

Once you receive your photos from us here at Paspic, you just have to cut them out and send them off with your passport application.

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