How to get a passport photo online

Did you know that you can get your passport photos online? It’s easy, fuss-free and more reliable and convenient than using a photo booth. Taking your photos at home is also the best way to get your child and baby passport photos. This way the photos are checked using an automated system and you can be sure they’ll meet all the stringent requirements of facial recognition for passport photos today. The process is simple and incredibly straightforward.

What are the rules?

Adults need to be looking directly at the camera and have a neutral expression, also glasses and headwear need to be removed. Unlike adult passport photos, those for children under six do not follow the same requirements, which makes life a lot easier. You’ll need a light coloured background and the shot must include head and shoulders. Also, for children, make sure no toys or dummies appear in the photo as these are not allowed.

Take your photo and upload

Choose a space with a light coloured background such as a wall or door. Make sure there is plenty of natural light in the room and dress in a plain top in a bold colour (pale colours tend to blend into the background). Using flash is fine, but make sure you don’t use a photo with red-eye. Make sure the head and shoulders are clearly visible. Once you’ve got your shot, upload to the Paspic website where your photo will be validated using an automated system.

Approve and order

Once your photos have been through the checking system, you can purchase your hard copies. These will be manually checked by staff before being posted to you free of charge. They should reach you in around two working days, so you can complete your application without delay.

Success guaranteed

Around 99.5% of photos produced by Paspic are accepted the first time of asking, but in the unlikely event of your photo being rejected, Paspic will refund your payment or work with you to produce an acceptable photo.

So don’t struggle with a photo booth, hoping that you’ll meet all the requirements. Take your photos in the comfort of your own home and let Paspic take the stress out of taking passport photos.

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