How to take baby passport photo

Do you need a baby passport photo, but have no idea of how to take one? Then don’t panic as we can help. Your life is busy enough when caring for a new baby, so we’ve made this quick guide on how to take the perfect digital passport photo of your baby in the comfort of your own home. After all, life is hard enough.


When it comes down to taking passport photos for babies, then the golden rule is to relax. For younger babies a good time to snap that photo is just after they have been fed and changed, as the odds are they will sleep. For older babies, make sure they are well rested, with a good time to take that photo being after nap and snack time. This way they are more likely to be still and compliant.

Centre of the screen

The photo will need to show a clear image of baby’s face. The head and shoulders need to be in the centre of the screen, not blurred, and the face not in shadow. It is best to take the photo in a well-lit room with natural light to avoid any unsightly shadows.

Plain background

As with all passport photos, the background needs to be plain. If taking a photo on a change mat for example, then it’s a good idea to add a white or cream blanket, or sheet. There should also be no toys, or dummies, in the shot.

The newborn passport photo

When taking a newborn passport photo then you can support their head, but your hand and arm must not be in shot. A better alternative is to place baby in a car seat, or on a change mat on the floor, while you take the photo.

Mouth and eyes

When it comes to taking a newborn passport photo or a photograph of a baby that is younger than 12 months, then different rules apply to that of an adult. Baby can have their eyes closed and mouth open, so don’t be worried if you can’t keep your newborn baby awake long enough while you take the photo.

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Photo: Photographer by michelhrv licensed under Creative commons 2

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