How to get your first passport

Going abroad for the first time is exciting, but the tedious process of applying for your first passport fills many with dread. That’s why we’ve put together a simple step by step guide so that you’ll be jet setting in no time!

Online or paper?

First of all, decide whether you’re going to apply online or in paper form. Online applications are currently only marginally cheaper but will likely save time and the hassle of posting.

Find your documents!

You’re going to need to get digging in the attic and find your original identification documents. Depending on your circumstances this will usually include your birth certificate and one of your parents’ certificates, but you can find advice and a comprehensive list of the approved documents here.

Take a photo!

This photo is going to end up on your passport and it’s important to focus on meeting the very specific government requirements. When you’re getting ready to jet off, no one wants the hassle of sending a photo back and forth until it’s right, so at we cut out the middle man and do it all for you! Our system will analyse your picture and let you know if it fails to pass the high standards set out by the passport office. We can provide a digital image as well as posting high-quality prints to your door.

Know a professional

The application process requires your identity to be confirmed by a friend, neighbour or colleague who works in a recognised profession. This could be anything from an accountant to a pharmacist or a teacher. The exact process varies depending on whether you’re applying online or by paper, but the required steps will be fully outlined within your application.

Attend an interview

Now we know what you’re thinking, you want a holiday not a job, right? Don’t worry, these interviews are very straight forward and are just a way of making sure that you are exactly who you’ve said you are on your application. They last for around 30 minutes and you will simply be asked a few questions about yourself.

Following this your application will be processed and you’ll soon be jetting off on your adventure!

Photo: DSCF5575 by parkview094 licensed under Creative commons 5

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