Korean star’s passport photo leaked to adoring fans

If you live anywhere in East Asia, the chances are you have heard of Song Joong Ki, who has turned himself into a megastar thanks to his performances in the hit TV show, The Running Man, as well as the recent drama Descendants of the Sun.

The Korean, a part time model in addition to his acting duties, caused mass hysteria with his recent tour of China, and not only for his renowned charm and good looks.

To complicate matters on his trip, Song Joong Ki had his identity compromised when a photo of his passport was taken and circulated on the internet. It remains a mystery how when passing through customs, an unknown individual managed to get the snap of the travel document, but many are speculating that a customs officer took the picture of his passport in secret. All the details such as his name, passport photo and passport number were visible in the photo that was originally posted online.

It is not the kind of problem you need when you are as big a celebrity as Song Joong Ki, especially with all the other media-led frenzies revolving around him on an almost daily basis.

An obsessed fan uploaded an illegal marriage certificate that appeared to claim she had got hitched to Song Joong Ki, who is used to fending off the attentions of ladies, but surely not to this degree!

Another potential embarrassment came when Song Joong Ki was asked about whether he would be happy if his best friend, Lee Kwang-soo, dated his younger sister. Song Joong Ki shot down the suggestion, explaining that Lee Kwang-soo is too tall, and too old, to be a suitable match for his sibling.

Song Joong Ki’s fan tour of China took him through Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chengdu and Taipei. He is known as an endorser of many brands in the region, including Domino’s Pizza, Top Ten, Baskin-Robbins and Jeju Air. Song Joong Ki gained notoriety through his bicycle tour of Sydney, Australia, which was covered on the offshoot website of the famous fashion magazine Elle.

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