Manchester man upset by sinister looking passport photo

We all hope our passport photo will turn out well, and by using a service such as Paspic, we give ourselves the best chance. But if there was one person you hoped you didn’t bear a resemblance to when your photo was ready, who would it be? A popular answer to that question would surely be the former German dictator, Adolf Hitler, responsible for some of the most heinous crimes ever committed.

But that was the misfortune that befell Manchester man Stuart Boyd, who was left “distraught” when he received his passport photo, which somehow had made him a dead ringer for the hated warmonger.

As is often the case in the modern age, the photo spread like wildfire across social media after Mr Boyd posted it on his Facebook, perhaps hoping for some sympathy from his friends.

He told the media: “I wasn’t really sure of the process of how to change it so I posted a picture of it on Facebook. I was really angry when I saw it. I was distraught, really. I just thought, ‘Oh, for God’s sake, I have to have this for ten years and they can’t even get it right.'”

His Facebook friends were the first to start poking fun at poor Mr Boyd, who had renewed his passport in preparation for a trip to the Greek island of Rhodes with friends and family.

Among the wittiest comments on display were: “What’s the problem? It looks al-Reich to me” and “That is Heil-arious!”

The Passport Office took partial responsibility for the calamity, and has promised to send Mr Boyd a new passport if he sends the travel document back to them.

A spokesperson for the Passport Office commented: “All UK passports are carefully created and checked to exacting standards before they are issued. We will be contacting him to investigate this case further.”

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Photo: Wrinkled by geyergus licensed under Creative commons 2

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