Three reasons to have a passport even if you don’t plan on going abroad

It’s true to say that passports mainly function as a means of helping us cross the boarder into different countries. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in one just because you can’t afford to go away, or you prefer a ‘staycation’. Some people might never have had a passport, while others might simply have let theirs expire without giving any thought to getting a new one. This could cause many unforeseen problems, even if you aren’t eyeing up a holiday in the near future. Here are three times when you may find you need a passport.

1. Identification

Passports are the most commonly accepted forms of ID, alongside driving licences. Flashing a passport is often the answer to buying a whole range of age-restricted products, including cigarettes, alcohol and lottery tickets. You may also not be allowed to see some movies if you can’t produce a form of ID beforehand. Even when you are well over the legal age, those lucky enough to look youthful may be called upon to show their ID on a regular basis.

2. Employment

You can be asked to produce your passport when starting a new job. This is because your new employer will want to see proof that you are eligible to work in the UK. If you can’t show your passport, you may be required to get a new passport before your first day of work. This can be pricey and could risk pushing back your start date.

3. Unplanned travel

You never know when you might need to hop on a plane or ferry. Just because you aren’t planning on having a holiday abroad doesn’t mean you won’t end up going away. Sometimes you could be required to travel overseas with work, or a close friend could organise a special occasion – such as a wedding – in a foreign country. Don’t be left trying to sort a passport at the last minute.

Sort your passport today

If you haven’t got a valid passport already, you should go and get one as soon as possible. The whole process starts with posing for a passport photo and afterwards you can use it for ID, official documentation and for unplanned trips.

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