Why you need an additional passport photo for your US visa waiver

In most cases, you won’t require a new passport photo until it is time to renew your passport. This means that – as long as your passport was issued after you turned 16 – you won’t need to change your passport photo for a decade. Unfortunately there are certain scenarios where you might need to submit another photo for your passport. One such instance is when applying for a US visa waiver.

Travelling to the US

If you’re travelling to the United States from the UK, you will need to apply for an ESTA visa. ESTAs give tourists the opportunity to spend up to 90 days in the US. You can apply for an ESTA online by filling in a rather detailed form. Generally, the majority of people will be granted access to the country, however, there are several occasions when you may need to apply for a visa waiver instead.

People are mostly likely to require a visa waiver if they have ever been arrested for a crime. This arrest doesn’t have to have resulted in a conviction, and instead only has to have occurred. Anyone interested in a visa waiver will have to attend an interview at the US embassy. During this interview a decision will be made concerning whether you are eligible to enter the US – and therefore if you will require a visa waiver.

An additional passport photo

If you are accepted for a visa waiver, you will require a new visa to be stamped into the back of your passport. This will call for an additional, up to date photo. This photo is subject to all the same conditions as your main passport photo. This means you shouldn’t be smiling, your eyes must be visible and you shouldn’t have any hair in your face that obstructs your appearance. Typically you will be required to submit this additional photo when you attend your meeting at the US embassy.

Enjoy your trip to the US

The process of getting a US visa waiver is long and thorough. Make sure you don’t cause any delays by taking an acceptable passport photo and bringing it with you to your interview.

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