Top tips on how to keep a straight face when taking your passport photo

We all know that sometimes when you need to be ‘serious’, you can descend into a fit of giggles, and if someone else is taking your photo you can get a little distracted or camera shy. This, however, isn’t the desired face required for a passport photo – you need to be serious (for a moment), and so here are some simple tips on how you can keep a straight face when taking your passport photo.

1) Breath deep

Breathing really helps your focus, so before you go to take your passport photo, compose yourself and take a few deep breaths. This should allow you to calm down.

2) Clench your teeth

This helps prevent you from laughing, which is what we want to avoid, so keep your mouth firmly closed.

3) Don’t think about the situation

Distract your mind with something that will make you feel serious, so it reflects on your face; for example, the time someone really annoyed you, or you got offended by a comment. Distract so you don’t react!

4) Think maths

If you are struggling to think of a negative situation to distract your mind, give yourself the hardest maths sum or calculation to work out, as this will keep you focused.

5) Clench your fists

This doesn’t have to be overly aggressive, but clenching your fists can help make you feel more focused and serious so you get the perfect passport photo for your travels.

6) Light bite

Bite down (lightly) on your tongue or the inside of your cheeks – this can help focus your face and mind so that you don’t relax and laugh.

If you take these simple but effective tips on board, then getting the perfect passport photo shouldn’t last more than a few minutes, and then you can laugh and giggle to your heart’s desire. Remember that if your passport photo isn’t perfect, your passport cannot be approved, so don’t waste time and ensure you become one of the 99.5% of customers who have their passport photo approved on its first submission with!

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