Four uses for your spare passport photos

If you give the process plenty of thought, there is a very good chance that you could end up extremely happy with your passport photo. In fact, you could be so thrilled with the outcome that you dread the prospect of the spares going to waste. Luckily, there is a way that you can get full use out of the extra snaps. With this in mind, here are four other uses for your passport photos.

Keep them spare

You will be best served to keep at least two spare copies of your photos. After all, if your passport application were to get lost in the post you would only be required to take new pictures. Another issue that could arise is to do with the suitability of your countersignatory. For instance, if your current pictures were signed by someone who is ineligible to act as a countersignatory, you could just have the spares signed by someone more appropriate.


You will need a small picture for most forms of identification. Therefore keep your photos spare in case you ever need them in future. You can even use your photos for your driving licence as the DVLA picture guidelines are remarkably similar to the passport picture guidelines.

Job applications

Although it’s becoming rather uncommon, some jobs may require that you send a picture along when you apply for a role. Your passport photo could be perfect to attach because it will have a certain level of formality – in terms of your straight face and the picture’s clarity – that an employer will be impressed with.


Passport photos are ideal to hand out to your family and friends. Because of their size, they are easy for your nearest and dearest to keep in places such as their wallet or purse. Additionally, it will be a picture that you approve of rather than one they have taken themselves.

The more the merrier

You really can’t go wrong with investing in a handful of passport photos. After all, the pictures are handy to have spare just in case you ever need one at a minute’s notice.

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