What happens if I lose my passport abroad?

Sometimes the worst can happen while you’re enjoying yourself on holiday, so you should always be equipped for things that could go wrong. One of the main fears for holidaymakers and anyone travelling abroad is losing their passport. Another problem a lot of people inadvertently encounter is taking a passport with them that expires or having their passport damaged while overseas. Here are some top tips to take away with you to avoid unnecessary stress:

Contact the local police

If you have had your passport stolen, you must get in touch with the country’s local police in order to let them know the details of the incident. Your report will usually be recorded as part of their protocol, so make sure that you note down any details or references the police give you as you may need them when you go to file for a new temporary passport.

Apply for an emergency travel document

The only way to travel back to your home country if you have lost your passport or it has expired or been damaged overseas is to obtain an emergency travel document. In short, this passport allows you to leave the country you have visited and go back home. It is only valid for that specific journey and must be destroyed by a British embassy once you are back on home soil.

Visit the embassy or consulate

To start the application, make an appointment at the nearest embassy or consulate. They will inform you on the process as well as give you information on countries that don’t accept this emergency travel document. If you have connecting flights, always let them know about these as it could be in a country that issues emergency travel document restrictions.

Be prepared

Before you jet off on holiday, always expect the unexpected and be prepared for any mishaps. Take the following things with you to ensure that, if you do have to apply for a new passport, the process will be as smooth-running as possible:

  • A recent photograph of yourself – a passport photo would be advantageous
  • Proof of your travel schedule – flight confirmations, itineraries, etc.
  • Photocopies of your photo page in your passport
  • A police report if your passport was stolen

Losing your passport abroad may seem like a nightmare, but with the right information it can be a lot easier to resolve than you thought.

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