UK Home Office allows mobile phone passport photos

The UK Home Office may just have sounded the death knell for passport photo booths across Britain after it announced it will now accept passport photographs that have been taken on smartphones and tablet devices for passport renewals made online.

Owners of photo booths will no doubt be concerned that the decision will result in a significant loss of business. Indeed, The Imaging Alliance, which works on behalf of UK photography professionals, has already voiced concerns about the long-term viability of the 6,000-plus photo booths located across the country.

The purpose behind the ruling is to make it simpler for British passport holders to renew their passports. Those applying to the UK Home Office for a British passport for the first time or those wishing to replace a stolen or lost passport must still obtain countersigned physical images.

The Home Office confirmed to passport holders that smiling faces will not be tolerated and nor will ‘selfie’ style shots, as reiterated by a Home Office spokesperson: “A ‘selfie’ photograph is [still] not allowed in a passport application. Customer guidance clearly says that ‘selfies’ are not permitted and that the photo needs to be taken from a distance of approximately 1.5m.”

For those who’d prefer to sit in the comfort of their own home and take their passport renewal photos using their own mobile device, it’s still very important that you don’t waste time sending off your renewal with an invalid picture; especially if you’ve left it to the last minute to renew your passport ahead of an exciting family holiday.

That’s where comes in.

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