When is the best time to take your child’s passport photo? Three reasons to do it after school

It can be notoriously difficult to sit a child down for a passport photo. In fact, the passport office has even recognised that it’s no walk in the park by making some guidelines age-specific. For instance, anyone who’s six or under don’t have to be looking directly at the camera or have a neutral expression on the image. As you familiarise yourself with these rules, you should probably start thinking about the perfect opportunity to take your child’s passport photo. How about right after school when they first get home? Here’s how this timeframe could potentially make the task much easier.

Polished appearance

Your son or daughter will be guaranteed to look dapper on their passport picture if they’re wearing a smart school uniform. Yes, they might need a comb running through their hair and a tissue to wipe their nose, but after this, you’re probably looking at a generally presentable passport photo. Don’t forget, the image can always be used for non-passport purposes, such as if you were to share it with relatives.

Little energy

It’s rare that a youngster ever appears to be running low on energy. However, you might find that they take a while to snap out of first gear after finishing a day at school. There’s a small window where you can hopefully convince your child to sit still without fear that they’ll be raring to do something else.

Free time

You and your child can take your time when you choose to snap a passport photo after school. After all, in the morning you’ve got the school run and in the evenings you’ve got dinner time, bath time and bedtime. You should find that the process runs much smoother for everyone involved if you’re less pressed for time. It also reduces the likelihood of submitting a picture that will be rejected for not meeting the guidelines.

Good luck!

Hopefully, you won’t need luck if you’re well prepared for taking your son or daughter’s passport photo. Remember that you can always have its quality double checked by sending it over to Paspic. This way you’ll have assurance that you won’t need to go through the rigmarole again, as well as benefiting from the convenience that comes from taking the photos at home.

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