Where is the best place to take a passport photo in your home?

It’s never been more convenient to secure passport photos. After all, you can now take the photo from your own home! Since you no longer need to visit a photo booth, the only thing you really need to do to start the process is to find a suitable spot in your property. The question is: where’s the best place to take a passport picture in your home? This is what you need to know to make sure things run smoothly.

Think of the background

Unfortunately, you can’t just take your picture in any old place like you would with a normal selfie. Instead, you’ll have to position yourself in front of a suitable background. The official guidelines state that the spot you choose must be ‘a plain light-coloured background’. This rules out any spots where there may be patterned wallpaper or brightly coloured paint in the shot.

Watch out for light

It’s vital that you pay close attention to the lighting when choosing a place in your home. This is because your photo might be deemed unacceptable if ‘there are any shadows on your face or behind you’. If it’s determined that there are shadows in the image, it’s possible that your picture will be refused and you will have to submit another.

Find somewhere quiet

The actual passport guidelines don’t specify that you should take your photos in an area that is quiet. However, it’s certainly in your interest to do so! There are quite a number of rules to familiarise yourself with before getting in front of the lens and you’ll need to focus on adhering to these as you pose for the photo. If you’re distracted or struggling to concentrate it’s likely that you’ll fall short of meeting all the criteria.

Good luck!

Don’t worry, you’ll find the process to be simple and convenient. The best part is that after you’ve taken a passport photo that you’re happy with you can have it checked over by Paspic. This will give you peace of mind that it’s suitable, as well as ensure you have hard copies posted straight to your home.

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