Where can I find a passport photo booth?

You’ll need a valid passport if you’re planning on going abroad for work or a holiday. Whether it’s your first passport or whether you’re simply renewing your existing one, you’ll be a required to submit a photo with your application, which – if you’re over the age of 16 – could potentially last you for 10 years. The question is: where can you find a photo booth and is this your only option for taking a passport photo? Here’s what you need to know.

Where can you find a photo booth?

You’ll typically find a passport photo booth in shops and supermarkets. If you decide to use one, you’ll potentially have to stand in a small queue before being allowed into the booth. It’s not uncommon for people to then feel rushed when using the facility, in the process leaving with a picture that either isn’t to their liking or doesn’t meet the guidelines.

Do you need to go down this route?

Once upon a time, you would have little option but to track down a photo booth to attain your passport photo. It proved to be time-consuming and inconvenient – especially for those who already had a long to-do list before going abroad. Luckily, you can now take your passport photo from the comfort of your own home and avoid this rigmarole.

How does this work?

You simply have to familiarise yourself with the passport guidelines, find a suitable place in your own home and then take pictures at your leisure until you find one that you’re comfortable with. Once you’ve done this, you can then have it confirmed that the images are acceptable by using a service like Paspic. In addition, you’ll also have the hard copies sent to you just like you would if you visited a photo booth.

The choice is yours!

While you could always track down a photo booth for your passport picture, you’ll no doubt find it much more convenient to use the service at Paspic. It’s also the safest way to ensure that your passport photo meets the official government guidelines and won’t incur any unnecessary delays.

Photo: Passport by AJC1 licensed under Creative commons 5

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